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Printed circuit design services

Our experience in PCB manufacture spans multiple industries. We have the skills to offer design, PCB layout, assembly and testing from start-to-finish.

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manual pcb assembly

Looking for concept to product development?

From concept through production to the finished product delivery. Ultra-efficient Newbury Innovation offers unrivalled electronic design services.

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Newbury Electronics

Electronics Circuit Design & Assembly


Who We Are

Established for 60 years and located in Newbury, Berkshire our manufacturing plant consists of two adjacent factories; a 1000 sq M PCB manufacturing plant and a separate 1250 sq M PCB assembly plant. Its here that we manufacture tens of thousands of types of single, double sided, and multi-layer pcbs, together with flexible, flexi-rigid and rigid-flex pcbs.

PCBs Manufactured in Volume

Working with a global portfolio of multiple suppliers, we are able to meet any volume and technical requirement with the best in pricing, delivery and quality. Through multi-sourcing, our buying power gives us significant influence, and virtually unlimited capacity. We offer quick response, seeing your project from inception to delivery accompanied by complete technical support. We work together with our suppliers to meet quality and delivery responsibilities.

State of the art Machinery at Newbury

With a policy of constant re-investment we ensure we have the best equipment available to meet all of our production needs. Recent investment has included robotic soldering equipment, high power X-ray inspection, automatic optical inspection, high speed SMD assembly lines, and flying probe testers, both in-circuit and bare board. We have also developed advanced software systems to automate and integrate the administration of both the PCB manufacturing, assembly and component procurement. From quotation through to delivery, we seek optimum efficiency in our processing combining automated efficiency & the human touch of our staff dedicated to sales support.

Latest News

Which PCB Layout Software Is The Best In 2017

Which PCB Layout Software Is The Best In 2017?

When it comes to PCB layout software – there are many options available. It can be a bit daunting for newer designers, as well as anyone who’s not kept up to date with the recent developments in the different software options. Depending on your intended specification of your PCB, there’s an ideal software for your needs. This includes things like the number of layers, overall user interface, ease of use and many other options. Every year there’s …Read More

IET visit and factory tour at Newbury Electronics

Visitors from The Institute of Engineering and Technology came to Newbury Electronics regarding the topic of “What’s new in PCB manufacturing and electronic assembly”. A factory tour took place, led by Philip King, owner & Managing Director of Newbury Electronics on 14/09/2017. Around 20 visitors attended the tour which lasted about 2 ½ hours with refreshments and took far longer than expected because of the fascination shown by the visitors and their many questions.

The IET work to enginee…Read More

State of the art security solution delivered to Pen Test Partners by Newbury Electronics

Newbury Electronics’expertise recognised by Pen Test Partners to deliver ‘state of the art’ security solution
Leading security testing consultancy, Pen Test Partners, has turned to Newbury Electronics for assistance with one of its most recent security product collaborations. With the IoT and ‘smart’ living becoming a part of everyday life, organisations are having to incorporate far more robust security elements into an ever-wider range of products.

Andrew Tierney, consultant at Pen T…Read More

How PCBs Are Changing The World in 2017

Printed circuit boards are a source of constant development and change, and due to the prominence of electronic devices worldwide – they’re more important than ever. Recently, their use is developing and changing. Some of our favourite PCB news from 2017 can be found below:

New SLP for smartphone giants
One example that is still going on is the use of printed circuit boards in modern smartphones by the leading manufacturers, Apple and Samsung.
One leak from ET News regarding the Samsun…Read More

Update on the Bath University Zero Bike Project

For the second consecutive year, Newbury Innovation is a sponsor for the Bath Zero Emissions Motorcycle team. The team, consists of 34 engineering students who are responsible for the design and build the bike. Once completed it will compete in the MotoE season later this summer. One of their aims is to be the first university team to pass the 100mph average speed barrier for the Isle of Man TT Zero course. We caught up with the team’s project manager, Nadia Domanski, earlier this mont…Read More

Which PCB Layout Software Is The Best In 2017 IET visit and factory tour at Newbury Electronics State of the art security solution delivered to Pen Test Partners by Newbury Electronics How PCBs Are Changing The World in 2017 Update on the Bath University Zero Bike Project