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Printed circuit design services

Our experience in PCB manufacture spans multiple industries. We have the skills to offer design, PCB layout, assembly and testing from start-to-finish.

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manual pcb assembly

Looking for concept to product development?

From concept through production to the finished product delivery. Ultra-efficient Newbury Innovation offers unrivalled electronic design services.

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Newbury Electronics

Electronics Circuit Design & Assembly


Who We Are

Established for 60 years and located in Newbury, Berkshire our manufacturing plant consists of two adjacent factories; a 1000 sq M PCB manufacturing plant and a separate 1250 sq M PCB assembly plant. Its here that we manufacture tens of thousands of types of single, double sided, and multi-layer pcbs, together with flexible, flexi-rigid and rigid-flex pcbs.

PCBs Manufactured in Volume

Working with a global portfolio of multiple suppliers, we are able to meet any volume and technical requirement with the best in pricing, delivery and quality. Through multi-sourcing, our buying power gives us significant influence, and virtually unlimited capacity. We offer quick response, seeing your project from inception to delivery accompanied by complete technical support. We work together with our suppliers to meet quality and delivery responsibilities.

State of the art Machinery at Newbury

With a policy of constant re-investment we ensure we have the best equipment available to meet all of our production needs. Recent investment has included robotic soldering equipment, high power X-ray inspection, automatic optical inspection, high speed SMD assembly lines, and flying probe testers, both in-circuit and bare board. We have also developed advanced software systems to automate and integrate the administration of both the PCB manufacturing, assembly and component procurement. From quotation through to delivery, we seek optimum efficiency in our processing combining automated efficiency & the human touch of our staff dedicated to sales support.

Latest News

Printed Circuit Board Glossary of Terms

Getting your PCB manufactured means getting to grips with terms you haven’t seen before. This can make getting the right service for you a difficult task. Our aim is to give you the knowledge you need to get you service you need.

Analog Circuit:
A circuit with a continuous, variable signal. This is also known as an analog circuit. They can communicate information about the current, voltage and frequency.

Assembly Drawing:
This is a drawing showing the locations of components. This often…Read More

Why We're Using A Vapour Phase Reflow Machine

Why vapour phase reflow?

We got interested in VPR again because we needed an SMD(surface mount device) reflow system which did not need constant profiling every time we ran a new job. This delayed processing and caused production bottlenecks.

Reflow profiles
Every different PCB assembly may need a unique reflow profile. Hot air convection reflow (HACR) profiles are influenced by the thermal mass of the PCB and components and the “colour” of the components. These change the rate at whi…Read More

Common Questions About The Integrated Circuit

We hear a lot of common questions about integrated circuits. This ranges from their uses and functions, to their manufacture and definition. In this article we’ll be answering these questions.

What is an integrated circuit?
An integrated circuit is a semiconductor wafer with many tiny resistors, capacitors and transistors fabricated onto it. It can also be called a chip or microchip. It has a wide variety of functions. This includes as a microprocessor, amplifier, oscillator, timer or as c…Read More

Artifical Intelligence and Automation Are Changing the World

Artificial intelligence is playing a bigger and bigger role in our daily lives. According to Forrester, “9% of US jobs will be lost to AI enabled automation”. We can expect similar changes in the UK. Roles across many industries involve some level of automation already. Professionals with automation skills will be especially valued in businesses. People often think that their industry won’t be affected, but the vast majority likely will. This will create further markets within those industries…Read More

Is your fuel tank empty?

It is not always easy to know just how much is left in the tank, especially if that tank is irregularly shaped or difficult to access. OLE develops and manufactures specialist gauges for the downstream fuel industry and water industry to provide just such information. The global market for these gauges is dominated by an established European manufacturer but OLE felt there was the opportunity to develop a lower cost, higher accuracy digital tank gauge that would provide the market with an altern…Read More

Printed Circuit Board Glossary of Terms Why We're Using A Vapour Phase Reflow Machine Common Questions About The Integrated Circuit Artifical Intelligence and Automation Are Changing the World Is your fuel tank empty?