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Printed circuit design services

Our experience in PCB manufacture spans multiple industries. We have the skills to offer design, PCB layout, assembly and testing from start-to-finish.

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manual pcb assembly

Looking for concept to product development?

From concept through production to the finished product delivery. Ultra-efficient Newbury Innovation offers unrivalled electronic design services.

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Newbury Electronics

Electronics Circuit Design & Assembly


Who We Are

We are a leading Contract Electronics Manufacturer (CEM) established for 60 years. Located in Newbury, Berkshire our manufacturing plant consists of two adjacent factories; a 1000 sq M PCB manufacturing plant and a separate 1250 sq M PCB assembly plant. It’s here that we manufacture tens of thousands of types of single, double sided, and multi-layer pcbs, together with flexible, flexi-rigid and rigid-flex pcbs. We proudly work with the Autosport, Power Electronics, Photonics, Medical, Aerospace and Defence industries.

PCBs Manufactured in Volume

Our comprehensive service and technological investments enable us to offer a fast service, shortening clients development cycles for prototyping getting products to the market quicker. Working with a global portfolio of multiple suppliers, we are able to meet any volume and technical requirement with the best in pricing, delivery and quality. Through multi-sourcing, our buying power gives us significant influence, and virtually unlimited capacity. We offer quick response, seeing your project from inception to delivery accompanied by complete technical support.

State of the art Machinery at Newbury

With a policy of constant re-investment we ensure we have the best equipment available to meet all of our production needs. Recent investment has included robotic soldering equipment, high power X-ray inspection, automatic optical inspection, high speed SMD assembly lines, and flying probe testers, both in-circuit and bare board. We have also developed advanced software systems to automate and integrate the administration of both the PCB manufacturing, assembly and component procurement.

Latest News

Client Note on Coronavirus Covid19

Newbury Electronics / PCB train Client Note on Coronavirus Covid-19
Updated 24th March 2020

Dear Valued Clients,

In what is a testing time for all of us I would like to share some additional information as to how Newbury
Electronics is operating during the Coronavirus pandemic.

In general: In order to protect our workforce, all non-direct staff members are now remote working. It is very much business as usual and we are reacting to our customers’ needs in the normal way. Phones…Read More

Flexible PCBs: Leading the Charge into the Second Century of Electronics

Zandra Forder, Production & Quality Manager at Newbury Electronics, explains to EPDT News that we’re now at the start of the next significant evolutionary step for PCBs: growing demand for, and greater understanding of, flexible PCBs.
As the name suggests, flexible PCBs are flexible circuit boards, which can be used to join rigid PCBs together. A further development of this is the flexi-rigid PCB, which is a single item consisting of two or more rigid PCBs, joined permanently together by …Read More

Why We're Using A Vapour Phase Reflow Machine

Why Vapour Phase Reflow?
In our search for a Surface Mount Device (SMD) Reflow System that would not require constant profiling every time we ran a new job, Newbury Electronics was reintroduced to Vapour Phase Reflow machines. We wanted to improve the efficiency of our SMD process as the current set up was causing delays and production bottlenecks, and Vapour Phase ovens have proven to be the best investment to eliminate these hold ups.
Convection Reflow Profiles
Every PCB assembly may need a…Read More

Newbury's Expertise & Fabrication Skills Save the Day For One Industrial Design student

When Trevyn Rayner-Canham, a BA Industrial Design and Technology student in her final year at Brunel University, realised that she needed guidance in regard to the electronic elements of her personal stress sensor design, she turned to Newbury Electronics. With her project deadline looming, Trevyn needed to work with a company that could translate her rudimentary design specifications into a fully functioning PCB in just one week.

The initial mock-up electrical circuit was fabricated using co…Read More

Free Bill of Materials (BOM) Template for Excel

If you would like to send us an enquiry for PCB assembly of free issue parts, or a BOM (Bill of Materials) pricing request, these seven easy steps should explain how.
1. Download one of our free Bill of Material templates for Excel
Choose a suitable format in either .xls or .xlsx and download our bill of materials template through the following links:
Download .xls BOM Template
Download .xlsx BOM Template 

2. Gather component information
Please gather the information we need for you…Read More

Client Note on Coronavirus Covid19 Flexible PCBs: Leading the Charge into the Second Century of Electronics Why We're Using A Vapour Phase Reflow Machine Newbury's Expertise & Fabrication Skills Save the Day For One Industrial Design student Free Bill of Materials (BOM) Template for Excel