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PCB Fabrication Plant List

PCB Fabrication Plant List

Below is the plant list of our PCB fabrication factory. At Newbury Electronics, we constantly invest in new equipment so that we can offer not only a high standard of product, but also a high standard of service. By using the latest technologies for PCB fabrication, we offer fast production times as well as high quality PCBs. To see the plant and the machinery we use, take a look at our factory tour.

icon1 Tooling
  • 5 x UCAMCO CADCAM tooling seats
  • EIE Photoplotter RP208ST & conveyor


icon2 Drill Shop
  • 3 x Lenz DLG615 1+1 drill/router autoload/unload
  • Antares X-ray drilling tooling machine (2016)


icon3 Photomech
  • 2 x Semi-automatic laminators (2018)
  • 2 x UV printers (Colight)
  • 2 x Muscat conveyorised developing lines (2014)
  • 1 x Limata UVP300 Laser Direct Imager (2014)


icon4 Wet Processing Equipment
  • Ammoniacal etch, dry film stripping, tin strip (Muscat)
  • Chemical Clean Line (Muscat)
  • De-smear line with solvent swell (Muscat)
  • Sterling Silver line, feeders, & stackers (Muscat)
  • Multibond line (Muscat)
  • Tin Stripping Line (Muscat)
  • Dry Film Stripping Line (Muscat)
  • x 3 Kraft Q150 Modupulse plating PSUs (2018)
  • Electrolytic copper plating line (Muscat), with x 6 independently controlled flight bars (2018)
  • x 2 CDO/DH Brush cleaning machines (Muscat), (2015 & 2016)
  • Blackhole line (Muscat)
  • Fume extraction system (2015)


icon5 Multi-layer
  • Burkle 3 daylight Vacuum Multi-layer Press
  • Piergiacomi MBM-4000 registration welder (2018)
icon6 Inspection
  • Optima Automatic Optical Inspection AI 328, panel inspection
  • Starlite 200 Digital Microscope
  • Polar CITS900s controlled impedance test system


icon7 Legend Print
  • Microcraft legend printer MJP6151 (2016)


icon8 Electrical Test
  • 3 x EMMA ELX 6146S Moving Probe tester


icon9 Waste Treatment
  • Water softener, ion exchange unit (2017)
  • Waste water treatment facility (2015)
  • Vacuum dust extraction unit x 3 (2016)
  • ARO water filtration band filters x 2 (2016)


icon10 Handling
  • Caterpillar LPG powered forklift GP15
  • Heat sealing unit


icon11 Compressed Air
  • Atlas Copco GA11 VSD variable speed drive air compressor (2016)
  • Atlas Copco GA18 VSD variable speed drive air compressor (2015)


icon12 Management
  • Softwires PCP2

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