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What is this Service?

Our UK based manufacturing facility is optimised for hi-mix production. That is the manufacture of small batches (as little as one PCB) on lead-times as short as 24 hours.

For those products that would not be economically manufactured within our UK plant, we offer the services of our portfolio of overseas suppliers.

Our overseas manufacturing partners have their specialities. They focus on combinations of medium volume or high volume, and delivery times of between 3 to 8 weeks. Additionally, there are specialities by market, e.g. automotive, consumer, and by product, e.g. High Density Interconnect (HDI) or Flexible circuits and Rigid-flex circuits. We select the partner that provides the best match to our client’s requirements.

Once a product has been manufactured by Newbury Electronics (including PCB Train), we undertake to manage the transfer of that version of tooling data to any number of overseas plants (as may be required) at no additional tooling cost to our clients. In other words, for any particular version of PCB, once we have manufactured it, there is no additional tooling charge if production is transferred to another approved overseas supplier.

The Value and Benefits for our Customers

We can be your one single source for the whole range of PCB order requirements from prototypes through to high volume production. We stand by our quality promise whether your PCBs are manufactured in the UK or overseas. We ensure that our clients are confident of the quality of the PCBs they receive.

PCBs are generally the only custom made part in an electronic assembly, and the only part for which a failure or shortfall in quality triggers a substantial multiplier in respect of the costs of rectification. Individual components can be replaced, but the failure of the PCB requires all parts to be discarded and the remanufacture of the whole assembly at considerable cost. Worse still, poor quality PCBs can cause intermittent and even catastrophic failures in the field which may be life threatening for business and people.

Our experience is that the lowest cost PCBs are invariably of the lowest quality. The best suppliers may be a little more expensive if only the headline unit cost of supply is considered, but they are hugely cheaper when lifetime costs are evaluated. Our clients harness our experience to ensure they have peace of mind that their electronic systems are built on quality PCBs.

The PCB supply chain is complex. Overseas suppliers have their strengths and weaknesses. We use our skill and experience to match our client’s PCB needs with the best combination of suppliers. When necessary, at our cost, we will dual source or switch suppliers to maintain or achieve delivery dates.

When purchasing direct from an overseas supplier, payment 100% in advance is often required. Consequently, if there is a problem, there is very little comeback. As a UK based company, we reduce this risk. We stand by the products we supply.


Who Uses this Service?

Any customer with our knowledge, experience and resources could do what we do for themselves and we wish them good luck. Anyone else would do well to consider the benefits of our service. The world of PCB supplies is a jungle, the good, the bad, and the ugly. We take the risk out of sourcing your PCB.

Our clients include universities, research & development laboratories, CEM’s, electronic designers, OEM manufacturers, individuals, government organisations, charities. They can be from any field of industry since electronics is all pervading.

Some clients are start-ups and while many have been with us for 30 or more years. Some may be long-standing and prestigious avionics manufacturers who require just a few high technology PCBs, whilst others may be consumer products clients who require 10,000 plus pieces. What they have in common is the need for a reliable and robust PCB supplier who understands the problems of the PCB supply chain and has optimal and appropriate solutions

Our Processes

We determine the optimum manufacturing pathway from your quantity and delivery requirements. We will quote the most economic method to manufacture your PCB requirement. Most small batch and fast turnaround orders will be manufactured at out Newbury plant. As quantities increase and delivery times extend, it is increasingly likely that we will use selected and approved overseas suppliers to meet your needs.

We will take into account many aspects of the technical specification required by our clients. These include the lead-time, technology (track and gap), minimum hole sizes, material, and number of layers.

What are the Capabilities / Limitations of this Service?

icon1 There are no limitations to this service other than market availability of the technology our clients seek.

Within reason, we expect to be able to offer a solution to any PCB supply challenge that is presented to us.

Our Quality Control Measures

icon1 All overseas suppliers meet internationally recognised quality standards. But this is only part of the story.

There are many overseas suppliers to choose from, and they vary massively in their ability to maintain consistent quality and timely delivery. We have 20 years experience in importing PCBs, and over this time, we have trialled and discarded many unsatisfactory suppliers. Those that pass the test are highly valued by us, and we continue to nurture a close and committed business relationship with them.

We monitor as a matter of course the contractual performance of our chosen supplier’s performance and only those that consistently maintain exceptional quality and delivery standards remain part of our team.

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