PCB Assembly

Printed Circuit Board Assembly

We offer contract electronic assembly for quantities of PCBs that start at just 1 piece. However, we do not just manufacture small baches.  Our automatic conveyorised SMD placement lines are capable of producing thousands of PCBs per day.  Take a look at our comprehensive plant-list.

Delivery times start from 3 working days from receipt of order.

By processing a large number of small and medium sized batches, we achieve economies of scale.

This focus allows us to create an efficient manufacturing environment by using the best and appropriate technology  for our production process. For example, instead of one very high capacity surface mount placement line, we use multiple pick & place lines.

Inspection and test has a choice of AOI's, fixtureless flying probe test, digital microscopes and comparators.

The need to constantly process many different PCB assembly production batches requires us to maintain a large capacity to set up both new tooling and repeat jobs and to continually refine this ability.

We respond rapidly and economically because we make in-house the long lead-time custom designed items such as PCBs, and ATE programmes. 

One particular feature is our capability to laser cut in-house our own solder paste screens. It is standard in our production process to cut a solder paste stencil for every job. 


Quantities from one to many thousands of PCB assemblies
In-house laser stencil cutting facility
Through hole and SMD assembly, both manual and automatic from 0201, 0402 (1005), 603, 0805, 1206, 2512 etc. chips to SOP, PLCC, QFP, BGA, CSP, connector and odd shaped components.
Five SMD pick & place machines
BGA inspection (including micro-BGA) using Ersascope 2
AOI inspection
Component procurement and kitting
Wiring and box build
Test using dedicated test gear, flying probe or standard measurement tools


Prototype PCBs from 24 hours. Small batches from 3 days. Medium batches from 15 days.

Quality Approvals

BS EN ISO 9001:2000 (certificate no. FM 40205) 
IPC J-STD-001D  We have our own in-house qualified IPC J-STD-001D certified trainer.  All our production staff are either qualified or in course of training to the IPC-J-STD-001 application specialist standard.
The standard, IPC J-STD-001 is entitled "Requirements for Soldered Electrical and Electronic Assemblies", and is the standard which controls electronics assembly manufacturing throughout the world. It sets out the materials, methods, process controls, and verification techniques for producing reliable high-quality solder joints.


Lee Smith - Customer Service  (01635 529799) 
Chris Hobson - Quality Manager  (01635 529799) 
Lesley Heaver - Quotations   (01635 529799)


Assembly enquiry form  Complete this RFQ form and upload data files to obtain a quotation
Factory tour  A photographic walk through the processes required to manfacture and assemble printed circuit boards.

PCB assembly plant list

CAD layout formats supported for loaded board flying probe testing

Takaya APT-9411-CE flying probe tester specification

Assembly technical advice  How to send us data and components, and design for manufacturing advice

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