Case Studies

Automist electronic control unit for Plumis Ltd

Automist uses water mist technology to suppress kitchen fires. It runs from a standard domestic mains water supply, water mist jets being installed underneath a standard tap. If a kitchen fire starts the system is triggered automatically by a wireless heat detector. This way, the fire is not only detected – it’s stopped.

Newbury Innovation designed and developed the complete electronic control unit for Plumis Ltd.

Fire detection is based on industry standard heat detectors which communicate wirelessly with the control unit. The control unit also incorporates manual push button operation.

This starts a high pressure under-sink pump which drives mains water through the unique nozzle unit, quickly filling the kitchen with dense fog, suppressing the blaze. The control unit includes all necessary indicators, power supplies, test and safety features.

The product and other variations of it are now on sale in the UK market.

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