Case Studies

Ikawa Coffee Roaster

The Ikawa coffee roaster’s remarkable characteristic is its ability to optimally roast coffee beans. This feature is highly prized by coffee connoisseurs. Each type of bean can have its own special temperature profile programmed into the roaster.

Everyone loves coffee, but it’s far more lovable when it’s made perfectly. The idea behind the Ikawa coffee roaster is to program your perfect roast, then fine tune it over time to make it even better! It’s also very easily transported to be enjoyed with you, wherever you go. It uses electronic controls,automation and data logging to make the perfect cup every time. It’s used both in people’s homes and in professional environments.

NI used their electronic development skills to redevelop the electronic hardware for this product to implement better communications (Blue tooth), a better motor (brushless dc) and fit it into a spatially and physically uncompromising area; in other words the inside of the coffee roaster.

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