Case Studies

Pool Safety Systems “Aquajac Drowning Detection Device”

Our team provided the design and development for this remarkable safety device. Our extensive knowledge of previous medical design projects proved invaluable in achieving a successful product.

The product is worn on the headband of a swimmer’s goggles.

The device detects the panic phase of drowning for all ages. This required body monitoring and extensive validation and verification trials in aquatic environments.

When a swimmer equipped with this device panics, becomes unconscious and slips beneath the water surface, the electronic monitoring circuits trigger a safety alarm. This project required great attention to detail working in liaison with a product designer to ensure there was a seamless fit between electronics and the enclosure. With the successful functioning of this device, it means that swimmers can be monitored for safety purposes without being visibly monitored by an individual.

Newbury Innovation manufactures and populates this circuit board for Pool Safety Systems Ltd, who conduct marketing activities for the product.

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