Case Studies

Routescene GPS camera

The Routescene GPScamera is an unique integrated sensor consisting of a video camera, GPS sensor and optional IMU within one custom designed housing.

The unit is mounted on a vehicle and a single cable supplies the power and transmits the data to the RS100 recorder unit. The GPScamera contains the latest GigE video camera technology, advanced 12 channel WAASEGNOS enabled GPS sensor and (optional) minature Inertial Motion Unit (IMU). The IMU provides heading, roll and pitch information to enable the video to be used for high accuracy asset mapping.

Routescene incorporates this device in its products to provide a turn-key system to record, review, inspect and map assets located along linear features, such as roads and railways. The Routescene GPS camera contains a high quality CCD sensor together with a survey grade GPS and IMU sensor. At the outset, this project involved RFID and GPS tracking for monitoring livestock in open plains (S. America) where fencing doesn’t exist.

Newbury Innovation designed the electronic circuitry which powers the GPS and IMU and transmits all the data via RS232. The PCB also provides a back-up battery circuit allowing the GPS receiver to retain its settings. We are pleased to report that our customer told us recently that “the final design has now been in production for 2 years and has proven reliable and robust.”

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