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Electronic Design Development

What is our Electronic Design Service?

Our electronic design consultancy division, Newbury Innovation, provides a complete electronics solution from refining a concept to production of the final product. We have extensive experience of working across a wide range of industries including the industrial, commercial, sport, entertainment, telecommunications, military & medical sectors.

Our service typically follows these phases: initial concept, feasibility study, hardware development phase, software and firmware development phases, pre-production build, and a production phase.

Projects undertaken cover an immense field of expertise including electronic circuit design, motor control, analogue, digital, RF, power circuitry, firmware, software, telecommunications , re-engineering obsolescent designs, CE marking and EMC EMI safety testing.


As electronic design engineers, we have extensive experience of all types of embedded systems using microcontroller designs e.g. medical devices, CNC control, balanced battery chargers, monitoring and control systems, ECG monitoring, RFID applications and many more.

Our systems incorporate PIC controllers, microcontrollers, microprocessors, digital embedded controls, Ethernet, USB, wireless, Bluetooth, serial communications, battery capability (extra low power and balanced charging), mains capability, and signal processing with 8 bit, 16 bit, or 32 bit.

We offer comprehensive support for CE marking. For more information on CE marking, please download our guide on How to CE Mark your Product from our Newbury Innovation site.


Is this electronic design consultancy service for me or my business?

Our clients include major government departments who contract out their engineering design in order to improve their internal efficiency. We often also see entrepreneurs with business plans and finance to support their ideas who use our services to bring their products to life with intelligence of digital electronics. Some clients are established equipment manufacturers who require us to bring their legacy products up to date, leap-frogging their competition with WiFi enabled tablet control and android / apple apps. Others seek to develop existing products with enhanced durability, portability, remote operation, and endurance previously thought impractical.


Why Newbury Innovation for your electronic design?

We deliver on time and on budget. We write and agree with you a detailed and achievable project specification. When project details are sketchy, we will undertake feasibility studies to ensure that your project is viable in both engineering and economic terms.

Entrepreneurs and businesses hope development passes smoothly from concept to market at planned cost. However, development often becomes fraught at post prototype and pre-production stages because, despite the best efforts of all concerned, project specifications and requirements of the market have not quite come together. Consequently, design authorities may face the problem of finding additional resources to plug the gap. Our answer is a Sustained Engineering Contract (SEC). This is a 12 month support contract that covers all the design engineering resources that are required for post prototype development (fault finding and rectification, CE marking advice, EMC testing, etc.), and it comes as standard with all our development contracts and is renewable on expiry.

We keep it simple. Deal with one contractor for you entire project. Software development is invariably as essential as hardware design and build. We integrate all aspects under one roof.

We keep your project on track. We identify and work towards project milestones. You have access to our project management extranet. We hold regular review meetings with you to sign off work completed to date. Projects only move forward with your approval.

We work fast. Experience teaches us that feasibility studies, bench top prototypes and pre-production processes allow us to progressively refine a design to meet unforeseen requirements. Our policy of close liaison and prompt client feedback accelerates the pace of development. Our capability for rapid prototyping and agile production are unparalleled. Our PCB Train service is the UK’s leading onshore small lot PCB fabrication and assembly service.

We provide security of design and intellectual property rights. We are happy to sign non-disclosure agreements. We will supply you with all source design data allowing complete transferability of manufacturing for all product design.

We will give you long-term sustained engineering support. We were founded in 1956 and many of our customers have been with us for decades. We are here for the long haul. We allow you to build on your product investment with evolutionary upgrades and updates as you require.

What technology and machinery are used for this design service?

A section of our extensive range of development equipment is listed below.

  • Agilent DSOX3024A 3000 X-Series 200 MHz. 4 channels InfiniiVision digital oscilloscope, 2/4Gsps plus options
  • UART/I2C/SPI/I2S/LIN/CAN/FLEX triggering/analysis, power analysis, advanced maths, function generator.
  • 3 Channel 215W bench power supply
  • 6.5 Digit bench DMM
  • 80V, 80A, 400W programmable DC load
  • JTAG/SWD debug probe
  • High-voltage (250VDC) bench power supply
  • 2 Channel 20MHz function generator
  • ARM Cortex-M C/C++ compiler and Integrated development environment.
  • x 4 seats Altium PCB CAD layout software
  • 2 channel 100MHz oscilloscope
  • 1 channel, 60V, 50A high current bench supply 500V, 16A, 1kHz power meter

What quality control measures are in place?

icon2 Management systems are quality approved to ISO 9001. At the start of your project, we write a detailed project specification clearly stating the costs to achieve identifiable milestones. After agreement with you, this becomes the master planning document. We commit to demonstrating the functionality of our work against your project specification.

What do you need to have a product designed?

icon1 For more information and examples of our work, visit Newbury Innovation or for a quote, please send an enquiry or give us a call.

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