Delivering the functionality and robustness that your product needs to succeed

The embedded code which drives your electronics is developed entirely in-house using industry best practice with unit test and automated release testing a part of every development. 

We pride ourselves in taking a best practice approach to all our code developments. We were recently first to market with a smart home heating product for IOS apple home kit. 

Supporting Complex IOT Implementations 

We are able to support complex IOT implementations that link to 3rd party systems seamlessly. Be it Alexa, Android (Google Nest), Apple home kit or just a companion application to your custom electronics product,we can tailor your firmware to deliver the feature rich functionality that makes your product stand out! 

Delivering a Great Product Foundation

The completed code is delivered to you, well structured, well tested, robust and ready to make easy changes from there! Thus, delivering you a great product foundation.  

For our industrial applications the unit test and automated test approach gives you confidence that you can pick up the initial development and that again you are on a strong foundation that you and your end customers can trust.

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