We provide technical support ranging from simple CAD layout of PCBs to the electronic design of complex systems. At the Newbury Electronics Group, comprehensive design advice is available from within our multi skilled teams. With over 60+ years’ heritage in fabricating & assembling PCBs, our team, some with decades of experience, we will get your project on track and ready for production.

PCB CAD Layout

This service is for our customers, who are looking for pure PCB CAD layout support, for example:

  • You already have your BOM & Schematic and require design assistance with the layout of your board for production.
  • You already have a PCB layout but need design assistance in adapting the layout to fit into a pre-existing enclosure.
  • You have a pre-existing PCB, but have lost the original schematics, mechanical layout and Gerber manufacturing files, we can help to re-produce these.
  • You require PCB CAD layout using EASY-PC.
  • You require advice on Layer Makeup | Copper Weightings | PCB thicknesses and types | Impedance Control | Crosstalk control
  • You require complete PCB CAD project files including schematics, PCB CAD layout, parts list (BOM), Pick & Place & Solder paste files.

We will support the design & manufacture of one-off prototypes through to high volume production, whether your board is simple or complex we deal with PCB design, fabrication & assembly for a range of applications across multiple industries, inc. Aerospace (AS9100 certified Assembly). From simple 2-layer boards through to 12-layer boards, flexible & flexi-rigids, we can help. Get in touch and we will be happy to support you.

Require more extensive electronic design? We offer a range of advanced design services, inc:
  • Specialist Product Development
  • Electronic Design
  • Firmware & Software development, companion apps & Apple MFI
  • Mechanical & Industrial Design
  • Design Recovery
  • Ongoing Product Support

If any of the above applies to your requirements, please get in touch here: