Bespoke Electronics Design

With design for manufacturability and design for profitability always in our mind, we are experts in designing electronics that will have a long production life and also hit your targets on profitability.

With the wider production part of our business processing over 10,000 high mix, high complexity works orders a year,for thousands of clients,our baked-in knowledge on lead time, supply provenance and ease of manufacture for custom electronics is simply unrivalled in the UK

Our Areas of Expertise:

From complex UI UX rich FMCG wearables to fine motor control industrial applications and power control and management, there isn’t much we haven’t seen before! Our teams use the very latest, best practice tools and our developments run agile in two weekly sprints meaning we are efficient and structured in every project, providing fixed costings and time lines you can trust!

Layout & CAD

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Mechanical & Industrial Design

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Design Recovery

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Testing, Standards & Approvals

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Case Study: Tail it Bike tracker

Whether you are looking to get a project completed which has been started by another developer or you are looking to reverse engineer an existing design we can help.

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What our customers say

Newbury innovation were instrumental in the development of the electronics and firmware for our new RIO ARC Heater. We are proud to say this new product was a first to a global market place, Apple Home kit, IOT smart panel heater product. Furthermore, I can highly recommend them for development for Apple MFI products, not just for the initial development but also for the ongoing, critical technical support, during certification and volume market launch of our new product

David Tyrer” Managing Director, Electric Heating Solutions.

Experienced design consultants

Our product developers are Altium experts and we have huge experience in highly complex layouts which are challenged thermally, on available layout space, requiring fixed impedances or layouts tailored to complex RF solutions enabling maximum radio performance.

The use of flex, semi rigids not just for interconnect but to mount prime components to, is now very much the norm, with rigids now seeing both high layer numbers and the use of blind, buried and micro vias to enable ever more dense component layouts.

In support of product miniaturisation also now being the norm, 01-005 size discreet parts for enabling miniaturisation and micro BGA, again is something we are entirely comfortable with, both in design and in our in house assembly capability so again reducing your overall project risk.

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We capture your UKCA and CE marking needs together with any other certifications or accreditations that the product requires at the very start of the project.  This is baked into the specification stage and is then considered from the very first day of the detailed design process.  We also support the external laboratory testing or external Notified body testing and the creation of the formal data pack all to ensure your approvals process goes smoothly and you move quickly to volume manufacture.

We use Altium as our main electronics development tool and link it closely with solid works for enclosure or mechanical integration requirements.  We run fully agile in two weekly sprints using Atlassian Jira to run our sprint activities.  We use Atlassian Bit Bucket as our GIT repository for code development in support of  wider electronic product development.

We will support your production activities to get your new design through initial trials and ramped to volume.  We are lucky enough to have sister divisions that provide PCB fabrication and PCB assembly,  box build and test resource all in one group.  We can design and build your product all under one group reducing lead time and overall project risk.

If you have an existing design you want to update, refresh or re-shore and want technical support for that activity in order to manage and reduce the inherent transfer risk – then absolutely we can support you and our in house manufacturing sister divisions can provide state of the art resources and rapidly ramp you back to volume delivery.

We use the very best development tools and our team are all highly experienced product developers.  Our in house rapid prototyping of new designs is undertaken by our sister divisions that boast the very latest in manufacturing equipment and resources to ensure we produce robust, accurate prototypes in a matter of days that in turn accelerates and de risks your product development.

Newbury Electronics has been servicing the electronics community for over 60 years and all that experience and know how goes into every product we develop.

We work with inventors and entrepreneurs but we also provide development resource to blue chip OEM companies and everything in between.

We can act as an extension of your own existing team or work to take on the entire development need.

Reach out today and share brief details of your project and we can start that conversation to see if we are a good fit for each other!

We run agile in sprints with projects and tasks managed through Jira.  All engineering deliverables from the specification document to the schematic or mechanical placement and the final layout are internally peer reviewed before release.

For code, firmware, software, UI UX or server systems we again use the submit and commit process for code with oversight and peer review.

All projects run through formal stage gates and sign off before proceeding forwards in line with 9100.

Our process is part of our quality management system which is audited to 9001:2015 .   Our production is also 9001 but also 9100 and Joscar for assembly – we are constantly expanding our certifications.  Visit our quality page for more (link)