What kinds of projects?

From FMCG, through to automotive charging, IOT and product development for highly regulated environments ; we are able to assist in a variety of projects including but not limited to:

Power Controls

Emerging Mobility Systems




With over 60 years of electronics development heritage behind us, we are ready for the challenge

We can tailor a development solution that meets your company’s exact needs.

The innovation team brings many decades of well proven hard-won experience to the party. We can act as a seamless extension of your own development team or we can look after the entire end to end development process for you!

Our Areas of Expertise

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Portable and wearable devices Find Out More
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Custom UI, UX and touch screen interfaces Find Out More
RF and Specialist Product Developments

It’s a given these days that many new product developments have a wireless data or communication backhaul feature within them. We can, where suitable, use pre-approved radio modules to reduce your development cost and lead time.

Where a more complex solution is required or needing that extra performance on range, we have experts in house with extensive RF experience, in developing both antennas and radio solutions to meet your specific needs.

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Complex designs requiring matched impedance and novel use of new radio products,such as tracking equipment or people in hazardous environments, through to using new radar technology for emerging mobility applications, counting people in a room or monitoring a consumers response by using novel radar IC to measure their heart rates – it’s the really novel projects that excite our development team!

Power and control

We have experience in the development of complex power and control systems for use in new and emerging markets. From complex power switching and management for automotive through to ground equipment and complex controls for Aerospace applications.

We take bench top systems and working with clients to reduce the form factor, to make power and control devices more portable or to allow easier integration in new vehicles or systems for emerging mobility and last mile delivery systems, is part of our expertise!

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For example, a custom electronic system with elements including dedicated real time; navigation control, power management, data collection, image processing, with a GPU controller at its heart, for last mile and emerging mobility or for nuclear robotic arm control systems and beyond – we have experience of many complex power and control projects and can meet your need.

Portable and wearable devices

For the medical sector, we have already developed many products,making use of advancements in available technologies to enable custom solutions, for systems such as real time patient monitoring and novel medical applications. We have also developed wearables that use multiple sensor suites and radio tools to enable both comms backhaul, data transfer and location detection…

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… with recent products developed using DecawaveUWB 3.5 Ghz to 6.5 Ghz radio systems for baseline positioning and location, for object avoidance and operator to operator ranges for social distancing products.

We are experts in delivering to operating endurance targets for portable devices, by use of careful cell chemistry selection, power efficient electronic design and a thoughtful approach to enabling sleep and standby modes in order to significantly extend product endurance.

Rack or DIN mounted systems

For numerous industries we are also experienced in producing complex electrical and electronic systems for mounting into 19” racks or enclosures and also DIN mounting into industrial applications.

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From custom filters and controls with RTOS (which are again developed from scratch) to an entirely custom application that removes any dependency on bought in controls, we understand what it takes to design your custom solution for industrial mounting applications.This includes achieving a design that meets the relevant standards and accreditation’s required, including harsh or dangerous environments

Custom UI, UX and touch screen interfaces

For UI, UX driven controls or novel interface applications, we have already delivered many custom touch screen interfaces with dedicated bespoke UI UX and custom control electronics behind the screen for a myriad of applications.

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We are adept at working with you to capture the control logic, behaviours and wireframes for UI & UX interfaces and delivering a custom screen, electrical and electronic system for all kinds of applications. You frame the need, we can design and build you that custom interface product with its own UI, UX that you have envisioned for your market.