A Fully Agile Development Team 

We run as a fully agile development team, working in two week long sprints for all development activities.  We have both daily and weekly stand up sprint meetings with a formal weekly review and our sprints run from a task backlog that is born from live tasks for each project collated and managed in Atlassian Jira. 

Our Product Development Process 

Each project starts with a formal specification that is signed off by the designer and the client to ensure we are always fully-aligned. A detailed list of stages and deliverables is included in that specification and it forms the foundation of the entire development.  

We provide updates against the project in line with the needs of the individual client, from simply undertaking regular update calls, to a formal waterfall plan in MS Project and a burndown list of all active sprint activities.  

We pride ourselves in flagging project risks early in the design process and dealing with them and making sure we remain fully aligned with our clients right through to project completion.  

On completion there is a formal handover procedure for all client data and again a sign off for recording that completion. 

The Newbury Group has been around for over 60 years and all of that experience and know-how goes into every one of our product developments and their subsequent manufacture.

We are a curious and inquisitive development team who always love an engineering challenge! 

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Electronic Hardware Design Process

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