New Product Design and Development

We can support every area of your product development including; electronics, electrical, firmware, software, applications (android and IOS) and mechanical / industrial design for enclosures and even complex mechanical assemblies. We can support you through approvals, accreditations and the development of your supply chain, ultimately supporting every facet of developing a new product through to volume manufacture. The Newbury Group has been serving the wider electronics industry for over 60 years and all of that experience and knowhow goes into every product we design and manufacture.

Ongoing Support

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Our Product Development Approach

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Supply Chain Development

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Specialist Product Development

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In an environment where bringing a new product to market is more challenging than ever. Why take risks when you can place your development in our hands?

With over 60 years of experience and know-how. The Newbury Group works together to deliver your project.

Having both PCB fabrication and PCB assembly all within the Newbury Electronics group, seeds our ability to apply the latest best practice to ensure that your end product is robust, effective and meets or exceeds the original performance requirements! Essential to your success is also that your product is easy to manufacture and designed for profitability


This depends on the type and complexity of the project. Common to all developments is a detailed specification stage, detailed design stages (multiple potential disciplines), prototype manufacture and formal testing stage where the project is verified and validated against the specification. See our Our Development Approach for more information.

 Yes, we can expand capability and enhance existing features, reduce cost and extend the overall design life, whilst always focused on design for manufacture and design for profitability. See more here.

You may simply have a list of features or a fully detailed design specification or requirement brief.  Regardless of where we start, our expert engineers will work with you to draw out all the requirements for the development which will go into the detailed specification stage which forms the foundation of all our development and is signed off by both parties.

Our engineers are product development specialists with all the skills and resources to hand and with huge experience. This is inherently less risk when compared with building your own development team from scratch. 

Newbury Innovation is led by our Innovation Director, Conor La Grue an Electronic engineer by training with over 30 years’ experience in leading Engineering teams in complex product developments across multiple industries.  The development team itself brings many further decades of electronic, industrial and coding development experience, totalling many hundreds of unique product developments.  We consider the total product requirement from the first day and work as your team, either stand alone or seamlessly integrated with your own engineers to bring your new product or innovation to life.