With all aspects of our electronic design service under one roof we’re able to work even closer with our clients to understand their technical needs and software requirements. Our multi-skilled developers offer their continued expertise from initial concept all through testing, development, and the finished product.

Software Design & Development Services at Newbury Innovation

Firmware Development 

Delivering the functionality that your product needs to survive


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Software Development 

It is often more cost effective and energy efficient to implement the majority of a product’s functionality in software rather than hardware… 

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Companion Applications 

 Be it Android or Apple IOS we can deliver the companion application that delivers on the overall offering of your new bespoke product….

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Apple MFI

 We are a registered developer and manufacturer for apple MFI technology for portable and mains electronics devices..

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In short, the more you can share your concept or idea the better, be it wire frames and logic diagrams, interface requirements, performance outcomes and behavioural needs or it may just start with a written description. We can work with you to draw out the full details of the requirement and formalise the development need.

Our developers have decades of experience in software and firmware development. All of that know-how and experience helps to reduce the development lead time and deliver robust, well-structured, well tested software that meets the specification in full. We run fully agile using the latest best practice software development tools.

This depends of course on the type of development but where possible yes and once a basic system is in place, new features can often be verified in a test environment, before being released to a live system environment.

Yes, we can work with previous developers to hand over all the relevant code and capture details of the specific coding environment, such that we can replicate the environment and conduct a thorough review of code & functionality achieved, so as to identify a clear path to get you to completion.