We have over 1,000 regular clients who trust us to deliver a fast, high-quality service all under one roof, from inception right through to volume assembly.

Working with our sister company, PCB Train, we are able to assemble and manufacture both small and medium/high printed circuit board batches using the latest equipment and technology. Our investment in automation has allowed us to offer unparalleled capacity and throughout, making us renowned for reacting to clients’ needs faster than any other lean manufacturing organisation in the UK. Find out more and get an instant PCB assembly quote for your low, medium or high volume batch order.

Why Choose Newbury Electronics For Your PCB Assembly?

Modern electronic assemblies are complex beasts. It is no longer possible to sit down with a fine tipped soldering iron and start assembly. The size and fine pitch of components renders hand placement impractical. At PCB Train we have 25 years’ experience developing an electronic assembly process which uses the very best technology available, and applies it exclusively to small and medium batch manufacturing. We are one of only a small number of specialists in this field.

What is our PCB Assembly service?

With 60 years of experience, we’re experts at high volume PCB assembly quotes, this ranges from a single piece up to 10,000 and beyond. We’ve consistently delivered prompt delivery to many different customers, no matter their request. Our production environment thrives using highly demanding SMD technologies, including box-builds.

The technical capability does not end there as we’re able to work with hand assembly of through-hold components as well as automated placement of micro-BGA parts. Our components are the very highest quality, and our inventories are managed so that we can service any electronic assembly request. Our delivery times are as fast as possible, just 3 working days from the receipt of your order. We offer an online PCB assembly quote service for your convenience.

Who uses this service?

Our client list consists of those who value an agile and dynamic PCB assembly manufacturer. We’re responsive to the demanding needs of a competitive electronic market.

It is ever-changing, and so are we. Such clients may be universities, development laboratories, professional electronic equipment manufacturers, racing car manufacturers, and more. In fact, we’re able to cater to anyone who needs electronics, and we’re always excited to take on a new type of client.

Every single product, whether its production run is a simple 1 piece, or a huge 1,000,000 pieces, progresses through our development and pre-production phases in impressively short lead-times; something we are proud of.