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PCB Assembly

What is our PCB Assembly service?

With 60 years of experience, we’re experts at high volume PCB assembly quotes, this ranges from a single piece up to 10,000 and beyond. We’ve consistently delivered prompt delivery to many different customers, no matter their request. Our production environment thrives using highly demanding SMD technologies, including box-builds. The technical capability does not end there as we’re able to work with hand assembly of through-hold components as well as automated placement of micro-BGA parts. Our components are the very highest quality, and our inventories are managed so that we can service any electronic assembly request. Our delivery times are as fast as possible, just 3 working days from the receipt of your order. We offer an online PCB assembly quote service for your convenience.


Who uses this service?

Our client list consists of those who value an agile and dynamic pcb assembly manufacturer. We’re responsive to the demanding needs of a competitive electronic market. It is ever-changing, and so are we. Such clients may be universities, development laboratories, professional electronic equipment manufacturers, racing car manufacturers, and more. In fact, we’re able to cater to anyone who needs electronics, and we’re always excited to take on a new type of client. Every single product, whether its production run is a simple 1 piece, or a huge 1,000,000 pieces, progresses through our development and pre-production phases in impressively short lead-times; something we are proud of. Email Newbury Electronics



How can I benefit from this service?

We provide you with small or medium batch Printed Circuit Board assembly production with high-quality rapid manufacturing. This lets you benefit from short lead times and timely deliveries. It’s cost-effective as we have no external tooling costs. By keeping things as local as we can, we improve quality and save you money when presenting you with a quote. We manufacture the PCBs ourselves, this is how every single circuit board is tooled with the optimum step and repeat, breakout tabs and fiducials. This allows us to achieve the lowest possible production costs. Our in-house expertise doesn’t end there as our laser stencil cutting ensures perfect solderpaste distribution. This minimises defects on exact ultra-fine pitch assemblies. A generous investment in SMD placement and high-quality QA equipment gives us extensive production capacity, giving us a far higher standard compared to our competitors.

What is your process?

Our integrated quoting, buying, engineering and production control system gives us complete visibility and control over our PCB manufacturing and assembly processes.
We use multiple Aegis FactoryLogix front-end tooling workstations for our process. This means we can maintain incredible quality whilst keeping costs down. We heavily value flexibility. We’re able to manufacture many different products at the same time due to our unique assembly setup. Of our 9 SMD placement machines, 3 are high capacity automatic SMD placement lines and 6 as standalone machines. This gives us SMT assembly capability.
We use many different techniques to get you exactly what you need for your PCB and its individual components. Our electronic assembly services includes wave soldering, selective soldering (robotic soldering of individual through-hole leads), reflow and hand soldering. We can even replace any component necessary in-house as requested by our clients. This lets us offer a quick turnaround and turnkey printed circuit board assembly service all over the UK and internationally.

We respond rapidly and economically to every quote because we in-house manufacture long lead-time, custom designed items such as PCBs, and ATE programmes.
We are the only UK CEM to in-house laser cut solder paste screens. It is our standard practice to cut solder paste stencils for every job or quote we service.

Our testing capabilities are unparalleled. These enhance product quality dramatically. X-ray inspection, Takaya flying probe test, AOI, first article inspection scanners, digital microscopes, comparators, and endoscopes all support our quality assurance and allow us to be as thorough as possible when dealing with any kind of pcb assembly quote, online or offline.

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What quality control measures are in place for this service?

Management systems are approved to ISO 9001. Comprehensive ESD (anti-static) precautions are implemented throughout the production process. Sensitive components are stored in environmentally controlled chambers. Sealed component bags are vacuum re-sealed after opening when required. Extensive use is made of digital automated inspection equipment.

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What do I need to do/provide to use this service?

Send us your Bill of materials (BOM) and PCB data for a quote. Complete our Assembly Enquiry Form and upload data files to obtain an online assembly quote. Take a look at our Assembly Technical Advice to learn how to send us data and components, and advice about design for manufacturing.

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