Why Choose Us For Your Medium & High Volume PCBs?

Some of our clients are start-up businesses, whilst others have been working with us for over 30 years. What all our clients have in common is the need for a reliable and robust PCB supplier, who understands the complexity of the PCB supply chain and knows how to provide the best possible solutions.

At Newbury Electronics, we have the resources and expertise to be your one single source for the whole range of your PCBs in high volume, all the way from prototypes through to high-volume production.

Whether you are an electronic designer, a government organisation or a charity we can help. We take into account every aspect of your individual technical specifications, including lead time, technology (track and gap), minimum hole sizes, material and the number of layers so we can deliver a high-quality product with incredible attention to detail.

High volume PCB manufacture

We pride ourselves on always finding our clients the most economic manufacturing pathway, without compromising on quality. This is why for projects of 10,000 pieces or more we prefer to liaise with our carefully selected and approved international suppliers. We firmly stand by our quality promise, whether your PCBs are manufactured by us, in our UK based plant, or overseas. Our many happy clients are proof that we always ensure their medium and high PCB volume orders adhere to the highest industry standards and that any delivery requirements previously discussed are meticulously met.

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3 to 8 Weeks Delivery

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10,000 pieces or more

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Tailored to any Industry

Our Quality Control Measures

All of our overseas suppliers meet internationally recognised quality standards. There are many overseas suppliers to choose from, and they vary massively in their quality. We have 60 years of experience in importing PCBs which has allowed us to trial and discard many unsatisfactory suppliers. Those that pass the test are highly valued by us, and we continue to nurture a close and committed business relationship with them.

Visit our quality control page to learn more about our standards.

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When purchasing directly from an overseas supplier, payment 100% in advance is often required. Consequently, if there is a problem, there is no comeback. As a UK based company, we reduce this risk. We stand by the products we supply giving the security that you wouldn’t get from an international supplier. Furthermore, we understand the intricacies of the PCB supply chain allowing us to match our client’s PCB needs, with the best combination of suppliers. When necessary, and at a cost to us, we will even dual source or switch suppliers to maintain or achieve delivery dates.

There is no order limit. Our UK-based facility is optimised for the manufacture of small-batch PCBs (as few as one) on lead times as short as 24 hours. We take on any project size, there are no limitations to this service other than market availability of the technology our clients seek.

Placing an order, and commencing production inevitably mobilises a complex supply chain which may not be easy to flex. It is likely that increases in orders will be more practical than decreases.

PCBs are generally the only custom made part in an electronic assembly and the only part for which a failure or shortfall in quality triggers a substantial spiralling in your costs. Fixing any mistakes can be very expensive for a business. Individual components may be replaced, but the failure of the PCB requires all parts to be discarded and for the whole manufacturing process to begin again. This can be particularly troublesome when you’ve commissioned the manufacture of PCBs in volume. Poor quality PCBs can cause intermittent and catastrophic failures that could even be life-threatening for businesses and the people involved.

The best suppliers may be a little more expensive if you only consider the headline unit cost, but if you regard lifetime costs, quality is worth the investment.

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