PCB specification
  • Maximum active pcb size: 560 mm x 415 mm
  • Materials: High Tg Fr4, Polyimide, PTFE
  • Solder resists: Liquid photo-imageable, colours: green, red, blue, black, white, siver grey
  • Legend inks: white standard, yellow
  • Multi-layer: layer counts from 1 to 12 layers
  • PCB thicknesses from 0.2mm to 3.2 mm
  • Copper weights: 1/2 oz to 3 oz
  • PCB finishes:
    Hot air solder level both lead-free and leaded
    immersion silver (0.2 mic)
    immersion gold (0.1 mic) over electroless nickel (5 mic)
  • Min track and gap: 0.1 mm on 1/2 oz copper start, 0.15 mm on 1 oz copper start, 0.2 mm on 2 oz copper start
  • Smallest drill at size: 0.2mm Smallest recommended drill size: 0.3mm
  • Minimum recommended gap between SMD pads: 0.125mm
  • Minimum solder resist to copper clearance: 0.1 mm
  • Maximum plated hole depth to diameter aspect ratio on a 1.6 mm thick pcb is 6:1
  • Mechanical: edge chamfering, counter-sinking, counter-boring, routing, scoring all available.
Electrical test specification
  • Test area: 610x500mm
  • Number of Probes: 2 Front, 2 Rear
  • Minimum board size: 76x76mm
  • Maximum board thickness for clamping: 6mm
  • Repeatable accuracy: +/-10µm
  • Resolution: 6µm
  • Minimum pad pitch: 180µm
  • Test voltage of resistance measurement continuity test: 0-10V
  • Isolation test: 250V
  • Test current of resistance measurement continuity test: 2.65µA-150mA

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