Reworking Electronic Assemblies & PCBs

Commonly, the rework of electronic assemblies involves the removal of components and their safe and efficient replacement without physical damage to the printed circuit board or its components. This may require specialist equipment to locally reflow solder joints for removal of the part without overheating and damaging the circuit.

For the rework of delicate PCB components such as ball grid arrays (BGAs), we use a PDR-focused infrared D35Vi BGA/SMT rework system which uses a beam of infrared heat and is applied specifically to the area in question. The same machine is equipped with cameras that enable the precise replacement of SMD parts perfectly in registration with their pads.

Leaded parts are more easily reworked with the aid of Hakko solder extraction guns and hot-air rework units. All reworked electronic components will be inspected under a binocular vision microscope and high-resolution X-ray machine to ensure high-quality results.

What are the reasons for rework?

There are many reasons why electronic or PCB assemblies might need to be reworked. These include poor solder joints, the formation of solder bridges, faulty parts and damaged components. It is important that only qualified professionals remove and replace defective components, reball conductive traces or remodel the board by using best practices and tried-and-tested techniques.

Electronic products are often repaired at rework stations, which feature all the tools needed to successfully repair damage and restore PCBs to prime condition.

Specialist rework of PCBs

Specialist rework may require holes to be CNC drilled, tracks to be cut by laser milling, new solder pads to be created by laser ablation, localised conformal coating, or localised solder pasting and reflow. We have the tools at our disposal to do any of this.

PCB rework and repair may involve a wide variety of skills and materials, but we have never been beaten by a challenge yet. Get in touch to find out more about our electronics and PCB repair service.

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