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PCB Assembly Plant List

PCB Assembly Plant List

The major items of plant installed at our PCB assembly factory is listed below. Using the latest in technology, we are equipped to assemble PCBs both manually and automatically, depending on the technology of your product. To ensure the boards are assembled with accuracy, our inspection and testing process use different systems to inspect PCB assemblies in appropriate ways e.g. AOI, flying probe, X-ray, & functional test.

Of particular note is our substantial SMD placement capacity being amongst the most capable installations in the UK ( x 10 pick & place machines) and associated automatic optical inspection machines (x 7 AOI seats).  These multiple systems give us the capacity for many set-ups, enabling us to assembly a high mix of products and facilitate timely delivery.

Take a look at our factory tour to see our fabrication and assembly plants.


Laser stencil cutting
  • LPKF Laser solder paste stencil cutting machine type G6060 (2010).


x 10 Yamaha Automatic SMD
placement machines


  • 2 x SMD placers: Yamaha I-Pulse S20, 6 head pick & place machine, 30,000 placements/hour, 25 micron placement accuracy, equipped to place parts as small as 01005, incorporating automatic lead coplanarity detection, with fast change feeder trolleys (2018 x 2)
  • 8 x SMD placers: Yamaha I-Pulse M20, 4 head pick & place machine, 24,000 placements/hour, 25 micron placement accuracy, equipped to place parts as small as 01005, incorporating automatic lead coplanarity detection, with fast change feeder trolleys (2017 x 1, 2015 x 2, 2014 x 3, 2012 x 2).
  • 3 x DEK Horizon 03ix in-line automatic solder paste printer with Hawkeye AOI paste inspection (2012 x 2, 2017 x 1).
  • 2 x Solder paste screen printer Reprint R29 (automatic) with computerised vision camera alignment system (2007 & 2010).
  • 3 x Nutek magazine line loader & un-loader (various from 2012).
  • Oven temperature profiling system: Solderstar Neptune.


Semi-automatic SMD placement
  • 2 x Essemtec EXPERT SAFP semi-automatic computer guided pick & place machines (2008).


Manual SMD placement
  • 11 x Fritsch SMD manual pick & place units c/w carousels, stick & tape feeders.
  • 3 x manual solder paste stencil printers.
  • Through hole assembly / wiring:10 x manual assembly stations c/w calibrated Kaisertech soldering irons.


Automated Soldering
  • IBL BLC420 vapour phase solder paste reflow machine
  • 2 x Ersa Ecoselect 1 selective solder machine with nitrogen shrouding, lead-free (2014 & 2016)
  • 3 x SMD Convection Reflow Oven Heller Model 1707 MK111 (2012 & 2014).
  • 1 x PDR focused infra red D35Vi BGA/SMT rework system (2013)
  • 2 x Hako 470/474 solder extraction guns.
  • 1 x Hako 850 SMD hot-air rework unit.
icon6 Inspection / Test
  • Nikon Metrology XTV160 X-ray machine (160KV anode voltage) with CT (computer tomography) 3D upgrade (2014)
  • 3 x Extra-Eye first-off auto scanning inspection systems(2014)
  • Takaya APT-9411CE Flying Probe test system (2011).
  • Mirtec MV-3L AOI system, 5 M/Pixel camera, 4 x side cameras, intellibeam laser system & offline repair stations (2011).
  • CyberOptics SQ3000 3D AOI system, sub 10 micron resolution, 01005 component and solder joint capable, 4 x off-line verification and repair stations (2016) with Nutek magazine line loader & un-loader.
  • Quins LC10 digital comparascope inspection system (2012)
  • Ersascope 2 Plus inspection system capable of micro BGA inspection (2011).
  • Vision Engineering Mantis Elite optical inspection unit x 10 units
  • Vision Engineering Lynx inspection microscope x 4 units
  • Stereo microscope (x 20 magnification)
  • Ash Vision INSPEX HD 1080p Digital Microscope, (2.5x – 122 x mag)
  • Oscilloscopes, bench-top power supplies, DVM’s, BERT tester, function generator, test PC’s etc.
  • 2 x auto-focus flat screen display digital inspection microscope


  • PVA Delta 8, 4-Axis Conformal Coat & Dispensing Machine, conveyors, loaders, unloaders, & curing oven (2020)
  • Elektron 400-VC closed loop stencil and PCB wash, rinse, & drying machine (2017)
  • BJZ de-panelling machines for routed & scored PCB’s.
  • Clarke 6″ linesher.
  • Branson 1510 Ultrasonic cleaning bath (1800cm3 capacity)


  • 4 x Aegis CircuitCAM offline CADCAM programming seats.
  • 1 x Aegis Checkpoint Seat.
  • 1 x Graphicode GC Powerplace seat.
  • 1 x Siemens PLM – EM-Test Expert flying probe test programming seat.
  • RoboxPRO 3-D printer type RBX10-SK.


  • Full anti-static protection on flooring, benches, clothing, bins, racking.
  • Fume extraction by high volume low pressure ducted fan system.
  • Dry Store dehumidified storage cabinet XTC-510-S2 x 5 units (various 2016, 2017, 2018)
  • Vacuum packaging sealing m/c Boss Max 42


Other Equipment
  • Atlas Copco NGP20 nitrogen generator (2017)
  • Atla Copco GA7VSD+FM 7.5kW air compressor (2014)
  • ICE Technology programmer for PIC/GAL/EPROM etc.
  • Bench drills
  • IDC press tool

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