We lead the country as the most capable prototyping and small batch manufacturers

maintaining comprehensive online quoting tools allowing our clients to get instant quotations for their small batch needs. We also have unrivalled capacity to support our client’s volume requirements, providing support throughout a product’s lifecycle.

History of Newbury Electronics

Our Electronic Manufacturing and Design Capabilities

Newbury Electronics provides the most comprehensive in-house Electronic Manufacturing Service (EMS) in the UK. We can support clients designs and technical developments through our Newbury Innovation brand and we are one of the UK’s best equipped Contract Electronics Manufacturers (CEM).

Our specialist disciplines include:

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Electronics Design
  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Firmware
  • Cad design / Layout
  • Industrial Design
  • Design for Manufacture
  • Design for Cost
  • Design for Test
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PCB Fabrication Facility
  • Online quote and order for bare board PCB manufacture through our sister company PCB Train - Deliveries from 24 hours.
  • Prototype & low volume manufacture | medium to high volume sourcing
  • Flexis / Flexi rigids
  • Multilayer count of 1-12 layers
  • Aluminium based copper clad PCBs
  • Controlled Impedance
  • Blind and buried vias
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Electronics Assembly Facility
  • Prototype & low volume, instant quotations and ordering through our PCB Train Brand
  • Fast medium / high volume quotations from our quotations team
  • Highest capacity surface mount (SMT) lines in the UK – 10 lines circa 250,000 components per hour capacity. 10-15 different custom jobs per day
  • Automated and manual TH soldering
  • High accuracy quality control
  • X Ray inspection
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Supporting Services
  • Full box build / mechanical assembly
  • Electrical test and functional test
  • Conformal coating (selective, CNC, automated)
  • Laser cut solder paste stencils
Industries We Work With

Newbury Electronics is a reliable EMS provider for a wide variety of industries. Our PCB services are used in sectors such as Aerospace, Industrial, Autosport, Medical, Power Electronics, Photonics and Defence.

The breadth and depth of our service offering and capability provides clients a seamless service to cater for all their electronics needs. As such we are trusted by some of the largest, most demanding and technologically advanced companies in the world. We process circa 11,000 works orders for 2,000-3,000 different clients annually across all industries. Learn more about our industry specific supporting quality standards.

Our clients range from individuals with specific electronic requests right through to some of the most prestigious global technology companies. We work with a large number of blue chip household names as well as 41 of the top 50 universities in the UK.

Aerospace and Military

Newbury has both the expertise and facilities to meet the demands of the aerospace and military sector, and so many of the UK’s strongest and most recognisable brands work with us. Our vast experience and breadth of services enables us to offer advanced processes in specialised areas and deliver precise and reliable military and aerospace manufacturing.

Newbury Electronics is able to work to IPC-610-A class 3 with our own in-house trainers. We also hold AS9100 accreditation and continue to develop our status as an exceptional contract electronic manufacturer.


We work with companies of all sizes in a wide variety of industrial sectors. Newbury specialise in manufacturing low to medium volumes of industrial electronics, supporting a diverse range of products and technologies in the sector. Our optimised manufacturing facility, international partnerships and customer satisfaction has led to many long-term relationships in the Industrial sector.

Working with our sister company, Newbury Innovation, we continue to refine our processes to ensure that we provide our customers with an unrivalled service at any stage in the development process, from initial product design right through to electronics manufacture.


The technology and complexity of electronic assemblies are way beyond the capability of DIY assemblers or small workshops. Complex PCBs with closely spaced pads and fine pitched components need specialist machinery to solder paste, place components and reflow solder joints. Equally demanding is the inspection process, which requires expensive specialist equipment such as 3D automatic optical inspection machines (AOI). A quality PCB fabrication and assembly service will pay for itself many times over by minimising the time expended on detecting, identifying, and fixing assembly faults, and providing you with a product guaranteed to last the distance.

Decide on the factors that are important to you and review the capabilities of potential suppliers. Some suppliers only focus on medium or high-volume production and come up short when making prototypes. Some manufacturers only make prototypes, whereas others are poorly equipped and inexperienced. Avoid disappointment by properly researching CEMs before making your decision.

We are a leading manufacturer of both prototype and production quantities of PCB assemblies. We manufacture lots of prototypes and use state-of-the-art PCB technology to provide our clients with reliable, functional products. Our largest order is currently for 100,000 pcs per annum.

The following are just some headline technologies that we use in our PCB manufacturing processes:

1/ Online web-based quote and order. Full office-based quoting is available.
2/ Complete end to end digital manufacturing process.
3/ Direct imaging PCB manufacturing technology (= no photography).
4/ AOI at all relevant stages, including 3D.
5/ 10x SMD placement lines installed using the most modern technologies.
6/ In-house 5 axis CNC conformal coating service available.
7/ In-house solder paste stencil cutting service available.
8/ Automatic CNC selective soldering machines x 2.
9/ Automatic CNC depanelling.
10/ In-house high-power X-ray inspection.

Choose Newbury Electronics because we love what we do, are drawn to innovation and promise to work closely with you to fulfill all of your PCB requirements. We use the latest technology in all of our production processes and expect to create perfect PCBs for you every time.