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Nov 1st 2010

Amazing robot arm

A top new piece of electronic kit has been developed by Cornell University, the lab of Heinrich Jaeger at the University of Chicago, and 'iRobot'. Known as "The Universal Jamming Gripper" - this robotic arm is capable of picking up a whole array of odd-shaped and weighted objects with ease!

It is capable of pouring drinks, writing, picking up eggs without breaking them, and even picking coins from a flat surface!

Theres no need to change the 'hand' of this arm for different objects; coffe, a balloon and a vaccum do it all.

Intrigued? Check out the video below!

An odd, yet entirely plausible concept! The possible uses are almost endless!

Just another technological innovation that pushes the boundaries of what's possible and what isn't!

We hope you enjoyed our quick glance over this awesome tech, feel free to take a look for yourself for more information & innovation!

Until next time, The Newbury Electronics Team