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Jun 27th 2017

Update on the Bath University Zero Bike Project

Bath Zero Team

For the second consecutive year, Newbury Innovation is a sponsor for the Bath Zero Emissions Motorcycle team. The team, consists of 34 engineering students who are responsible for the design and build the bike. Once completed it will compete in the MotoE season later this summer. One of their aims is to be the first university team to pass the 100mph average speed barrier for the Isle of Man TT Zero course. We caught up with the team’s project manager, Nadia Domanski, earlier this month to find out how the project is progressing. "So far, we are making sterling progress and are well on our way to being ready to assembly, build and test the bike. By the Easter weekend we had welded the entire frame and subframe together ready for battery storage. This is a huge milestone as it will allow all of the hard work to finally get put onto the final product. We have enjoyed undertaking glass fibre layup, assembly of new BMS boards, simulation testing and making our inverter more reliable. Our new carbon fibre fairings are on the way and our motorcycle is going to be looking very professional!"

Bath Zero Bike Project

The team hope to begin testing of the bike with their chose rider at the end of April or the beginning of May with our rider, depending on his availability. These preliminary tests we will undertake with Louigi Moto who will help the team to tune the Ducati suspension. Final tests will be undertaken mid-May for our races in early June.

If you are interested in finding out more about the project please follow them on Facebook ,Twitter their department’s Twitter or on the Bath Zero site..‏

Bath Zero Bike in Race