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Jan 25th 2024


Following the installation of our brand new Ersa Versaflow 4/55 selective soldering machine, whole PCBAs can now be soldered.

SMD components are soldered en masse within a convection or vapour phase reflow machine, whereas Thruhole parts are soldered in a wave soldering machine.
Unfortunately, most PCBAs incorporate mixed technology of both SMD and Thru-hole components.
One or other of these component types is incompatible with the aforementioned methods of soldering. The preferred solution is to reflow SMD parts first and after placement, solder individual Thruhole connections selectively with a CNC controlled solder head.
Our new machine is a conveyorized autoload and unload selective soldering machine with four independently mobile solder heads, two for lead-free solder and two for leaded solder,with inline fluxing and preheat stations. This replaces our two existing manual loaded batch process machines. Production is enhanced by x8 higher throughput, improved process control, and significantly better labour efficiency.