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Nov 6th 2014

Newbury Electronics awarded ‘Royal’ status by Japanese manufacturers

As its business continues to grow Newbury Electronics installs not one but three new SMD (surface mounted device) placement machines.

In response to its ever expanding order book, Newbury Electronics has recently installed three new Yamaha I-Pulse M20 SMD placement machines in its modern production facility in Newbury. This investment more than doubles the company's production capabilities and takes the total number of SMD machines to five, (making the company the second largest user of this technology in the UK). In recognition of the company's commitment to its equipment, Yamaha I-pulse has awarded Newbury Electronics 'Royal' status, which was cemented by a recent visit to the company's Newbury headquarters by Mr Hidemi Kawasaki, European Sales Manager for Yamaha I-pulse. This 'Royal' status ensures Newbury Electronics of priority attention should the need arise.

"These new machines are the latest stage in a planned programme of investment in both equipment and facilities for Newbury Electronics," explained managing director, Philip King. "These new machines will ensure that we provide our customers with components manufactured to the highest standards of accuracy but also within the tight delivery time frames that many of our customers demand in today's highly competitive market." Two more machines will be installed in the new year which will mean the company is the largest user of the I-Pulse M20 SMT placing machine (Yamaha I-Pulse's flagship product) in Europe .

King continued; "We have made the Yamaha I-pulse M20 our standard SMD pick & place machine because it so accurate and adaptable. Our clients send us all their hard to place PCBs and we have to cope with the most exacting technology. The M20s never let us down whether we are placing one or 10,000 PCBs. In the world of contract electronic manufacturing, SMD placement capacity can be a production bottle-neck. Having a total of nine serious, up to the minute SMD placement machines at our disposal will assist us enormously in meeting our clients' delivery times."

The Yamaha M20 is a multi-mounter pick and place machine that can place any size or type of SMD (surface mounted device) or odd sized through-hole component. In addition it is capable of dispensing solder paste and glue, applying flux, and placing bare die components from the waffle tray. Its integral feeder platform has 144 different positions and placement accuracy is to within 25 microns. When operating at maximum capacity it is capable of placing 19,000 components per hour.

To see the machines in action please click here.