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Aug 4th 2014

Newbury Electronics Building Redevelopment

As you all know, we’re currently undergoing an exciting redevelopment of our Newbury site. The initial phase of the redevelopment started in early June and should be completed by late 2015.

The new development should provide increased office production space, new offices and savings in water and electricity consumption.We’re looking forward to replacing the temporary on-site sheds, containers and structures with a brand spanking new two story building. The image below is a mock up from our architects of what the building is going to look like.

The brand new building will reduce water consumption by 50%, electricity usage by 20% and provide us with extra space to enable us to maintain production during the course of the second phase of the build. Not forgetting that the new development will help to create more job opportunities in the local area.

Not only will we have top of the range new offices but also a new plant room. The new plant room will have the total floor area of 100 m2 and will be the home to energy efficient air compressors, a de-ionised water plant and a carbon filtration plant, as well as chemical stores and storage for maintenance spares.

By working closely with Ark Architects on the design of both the first and second phase of development, If all goes to plan both should be completed by late 2015.