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May 20th 2014

Newbury Electronics extends free parts listing for PCB components to over 1000 different items

Newbury Electronics has announced that it is increasing its list of free parts for use in its PCB assembly to over 1000 different components with immediate effect.  The free parts scheme has been on trial for some time but has now been greatly extended to include a wider range and more expensive components.  This new approach to costing will apply across the company's PCB Train assembly operation.

Philip King, Managing Director at Newbury Electronics, comments: “We have reviewed the trial period and looked closely at our business model and it is far more cost effective and more efficient for us to offer all our customers this extended range of free parts.  With many of the most common components costing less than one penny it makes no sense to spend admin time and money on creating reams of stock and order data.  Where we add real value is in our highly skilled assembly processes and our flexibility and expertise, which allows us to handle small, bespoke orders of the highest specification."

The only proviso for customers wanting to make the most of this innovative new pricing structure is that they must use the appropriate part number to ensure that the company's newly updated software can identify the relevant component.

King continues; "These are stocks of common parts we hold on reels ready on our shop-floor for automated SMD assembly.  Over 1000 resistors, capacitors, bipolar transistors, diodes, ferrites, LEDs, MOSFETs, and voltage regulators are listed and we are happy to add more if we can see a demand."  The list of available parts may be found at

Mr King added “We will continue to expand our list of free parts as we identify other low cost popular components available on reels.  If these parts are specified on our PCB Train assembly service, then they are supplied free”.

Anyone wanting to know more about the scheme should contact Newbury Electronics direct on, call 01635 899235 or visit