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Jan 27th 2016

Newbury Electronics invests in latest X-ray machine technology to keep ahead of the game.

Newbury Electronics has made a financial investment of £100K and purchased a new, highly accurate X-ray reference hole drilling machine, the Antares 700 X. The machine has already been installed in the company's manufacturing centre in Newbury and enhances the performance of drilling equipments that enables the precision required in modern day electronic component manufacture.

“As electronics become more miniaturised, we need ever more accurate machinery, and the installation of this world class machine will keep us ahead of the game. I saw it at a trade show in Munich last November, and was so impressed I ordered it there and then;” said Philip King, managing director at Newbury Electronics.

The machine can measure multiple fiducial markers by x-ray, and calculate the optimised position and drill registration holes within 12 seconds to an accuracy of +/- 0.003mm, far exceeding the accuracy levels of previous equipment. Manufactured by Mach3 Lab SRL from Italy, this is the first of its type to be installed in the UK although there are many installations operating across Europe.

“This is world class machinery giving us the tools to make the most difficult PCBs. I doubt whether there is another machine in the UK in its class. We will also use it on every day PCBs improving the quality of our entire circuit board production. It is not a machine we had to buy now, but one I know will come into its own over the next five years. The first impressions of it in action have been excellent” added Philip.

Philip believes that not only will many of his existing customer benefit from the improved accuracy and capabilities of this new machine but that it will also open up new opportunities in markets such as medical, mobile comms and research where miniature PCBs provide greater functionality and are making a considerable contribution.