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Jul 16th 2015

Newbury Electronics’ PCBs deliver enhanced functionality to Matrix’ standard telematics system

Just one example of the type of vehicle that can be fitted with a Matrix system

Who is the client and what was the challenge?

Matrix Telematics is an international provider of telematics systems for vehicle management and tracking and they needed bare PCB prototypes.

"When looking for a supplier for prototype boards it was a conscious decision on our part to find a UK supplier. Over the years that we have worked with the team at Newbury Electronics we have been delighted with both the quality of the products that they engineer and also the customer service and support", said to Matrix Managing Director, Geoff Ball. The two companies have been working together for over five years and this success is based on; "the relationship, performance and cost," he continued.

How are Newbury Electronics involved?

The units are incorporated into the final telematics system to provide enhanced functionality to the basic unit (which is manufactured overseas). One example is when a PCB is used to connect an RF receiver to provide additional driver identity information to supplement the vehicle data that is already being collated.

Philip King, Managing Director of Newbury Electronics, said; "This is another positive example of a company choosing a UK manufacturer in preference to an overseas supplier. The quality of our work and our understanding of their requirements combined with the benefits of same day delivery, if required, are encouraging more and more UK companies to review their supply chains and look closer to home for suppliers, which is good for us and for the wider manufacturing sector."


Matrix Telematics installs systems that enable businesses to have full control of their assets and to be able to identify them and locate them at any given moment in time as well as to monitor driver style and performance. This puts the organisation in a position of responsible leadership. With those systems successfully installed and managed, companies are best placed to:

  • Satisfy ever more demanding customers by being able to offer ‘real-time’ answers to their needs
  • Be in prime position to embrace expansion, both nationally and globally
  • Be ready to introduce new business strategies with total confidence.
  • Genuinely comply with corporate governance and be in control of their corporate liabilities
  • Reduce risk related accidents with driver monitoring and reporting.

Find out more about Matrix by visiting their website.