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Jul 16th 2014

Newbury Electronics supplies PCBs for leading provider of specialist fire detection solutions

British Government Signs A Deal For New Nuclear Power Plant With a business association that goes back over 10 years, Newbury Electronics and Patol's commercial relationship is going from strength to strength as the latter's business continues to expand and Newbury Electronics meets their growing demand for PCBs.  Patol is a leading provider of fire detection solutions, in particular for major infrastructure sites and installations both in the UK and overseas, with over two thirds of its current business being to the export market.

Kelvin Miller, Sales Director at Patol, said; "We have a long established relationship with Newbury Electronics who provide us with approximately 200 PCBs per month.  Over the years Newbury Electronics has provided us with the highest quality products supported by excellent customer service."  One of the company's most recent projects was the supply, installation and commissioning of the LHDC (linear heat detection cable) fire detection system at Hinkley B Nuclear Power Station. The system is now installed to protect cable flats and risers in the power station.

"When protecting an installation as critical as a nuclear power station it is imperative that all components are manufactured to the highest level.  We are delighted that our PCBs are the PCBs of choice for Patol, not only on this project but on others including the Jubilee Line extension in London and more recently several major power plants in India," said Philip King, managing director at Newbury Electronics.

Over the years, Newbury Electronics' experience and expertise has played a crucial role in helping Patol to refine and develop the design criteria for their PCBs.  Newbury Electronics' capability to manufacture prototype designs that can then be trialled and tweaked as necessary has been key to the strong bond that has developed between the two companies and enables Patol to respond to the ever more complex and sophisticated monitor and control requirements of fire protection systems.