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Sep 27th 2016

Newbury Innovation expands development team with new appointment

Jonathan Hilliard, Electronics Design Engineer

Newbury Innovation, the electronic design division of Newbury Electronics, has appointed Jonathan Hilliard to the position of Electronics Design Engineer. Jonathan qualified earlier this year with an M Eng in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from the University of Bath.

Commenting on the latest member to join his team, Jon Hawkins, Technical Director, said; "Jonathan is a highly qualified and competent engineer who is already making a contribution to our design work. His work placements at Rolls Royce and Monodraught gave him valuable real life experience which has helped him to settle into the Newbury Innovations team." Jon is passionate about supporting and encouraging young electronics engineers and believes that if the industry does not do more to support the next generation then it will soon be facing a serious challenge to find appropriately skilled staff.

"I first encountered Newbury Innovation whilst on work experience and then had dealings with them as part of their support for the university. I am delighted to have secured this role which means I can work on fast paced design projects for real applications. These days product designers have high expectations of what a PCB can deliver; everything needs to be portable and connected so there is a drive to cram increasing capabilities onto ever smaller boards." When not working Jonathan is a world class bog snorkeller* and is currently the Northern Ireland champion. He also enjoys archery and swimming.

Newbury Innovation, a division of Newbury Electronics, specialises in creating electronic design and development solutions and draws on over 50 years experience of the electronics industry. Newbury Innovation is one of the few electronic design companies in the UK which can offer a complete solution for every stage of your project. It provides its expertise through the entire electronic design process; from concept through to production and delivery of the final finished product. The team includes some of the most experienced and capable electronic engineers in the UK who have successfully tackled challenging projects in a wide range of industries, ranging from industrial and commercial right through to military and medical. Over the years Newbury Innovation has developed and refined its processes to ensure that it provides clients with an unrivalled, cost-effective and ultra-efficient electronic design service.