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Jun 21st 2024


Meet The Team 😊

As part of our Meet the Team, Nathan Still and Peter Rosmus have contributed almost 60 years of service between them. What an achievement ! Congratulations to both .

Nathan Still - Line Manager for Drill Shop/Bonding/Electrical Test and Goods Inwards
Peter Rosmus - CAM Supervisor

After speaking to both of them , this is what they had to say 💬

What does your job involve ?

Nathan - I spend my days trying to ensure my areas of responsibility run as efficiently as possible with the help of my team

Peter - Tooling customers data, running Design rule checks and preparing data packets for the manufacturing shop floor, eg: Drill files, Test files etc..

·       How long have you been with Newbury Electronics?

Nathan - This April I have hit the milestone of 30 years of service

Peter - 28 year as of July 2024

·       What do you love most about what you do?

Nathan - I enjoy being busy , its interesting when we experiment and develop processes to achieve complex jobs with technologies evolving. It is also rewarding when good teamwork gets a result.

Peter - Being able to see how circuit boards are made from almost start to finish. And how the circuitry has changed over the years, And being lucky enough to make some life long friends along the way.

·       Tell us about your career path ?

Nathan - left school , went to Newbury college to study A-levels , and worked in various sectors briefly. I joined Newbury electronics as an operator and the rest is history

Peter - This has been my 1st and only job, I started working in the Drill shop in 1996 and moved through various departments, and then got selected by Zandra Forder to work with her and her team in the CAM department, which was a very big deal, and pleasure, and the reason for my longevity at Newbury Electronics.

·       Tell us a surprising or a fun fact about yourself ?

Nathan - I can wiggle my ears!,

Peter - Between the ages of 6 and 18 my hobby was Judo, of which I was southern county & northern home counties #1, and even tried out for the GB olympic team.