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May 23rd 2024

University of Sheffield

Some really great feedback from University of Sheffield recently posted on LinkedIn platform

I haven't shared any details of the The University of Sheffield work I do here but I thought I ought to. This job is one for use in a cross department research project looking at ways of improving additive manufacturing techniques. Without going into to many details there is a need to control multiple lasers via wireless. Wi-Fi is overkill for this so I went down the Bluetooth (actually BLE) route. For the microcontroller I was going to go with the STM32 but due to the semiconductor shortages at the time I decided on the RISC-V WCH Electronics CH32V003 instead. This turned out to be an excellent choice making circuit design straightforward. I decided to code in RISC-V assembly language which was great fun and everything has turned out well.

The first batch of 10 boards for the trial system we made. Big thanks to Newbury Electronics Ltd for their excellent service manufacturing the boards.