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May 23rd 2016

Right on target with Rowan Engineering’s innovative new telescopic sight accessory

Following a two year development programme, Rowan Engineering Ltd has launched its new, innovative telescopic sight accessory, the Digital Side Wheel (DSW), to the sport shooting community. Throughout this protracted period of development Newbury Electronics has been working in close conjunction with company founders and product developers, Derek and David Rose. The DSW is a low cost accessory which helps target shooters train themselves by measuring and reporting some of the variables that affect the accuracy of a shot in the split second when the trigger is pulled.

Derek explained more about working with Newbury Electronics; "We came across Newbury Electronics on one of the online forums and when doing Internet searches. We soon recognised that they had the capability and skills that we needed to make our initial designs a reality. It was really important that we could visit the facilities and this gave us confidence in their capability to deliver our design, from procurement of components from our BOM to final assembly and delivery of the working PCB. This was especially important to us as we are primarily a 'mechanical' company. This device does not push the boundaries technically, but does contain small QFN, LGA devices along with a mix of standard SMT, through hole and flexible PCB soldered OLED components ."

The small, electronic device, which measures 48mm x 64mm x 15 mm, fits on the side of a rifle telescopic sight and can log numerous factors each time a shot is taken. These include target range, the elevation of the gun, the level and speed of any motion (wobble), and it has the capability to measure the competitor's breath levels before, during and after a shot. It can also log a GPS position and record the ambient temperature and tilt of the barrel and even help with wind drift compensation. With the ability to connect to an app and full Bluetooth capabilities the data collected by the system is a valuable asset for competitors, keen recreational shooters and instructors and has been approved for use by the British Field Association.

There are two versions of the Digital Sight Wheel; the ST which is for Field Target shooting and the HS for Hunter Sport shooters and both were launched at this year's Shooting Show held in Warwick in February.

"This is yet another fine example of great UK creativity, design, development and engineering skills coming together to create a great new product. Initially being used for gathering data about shooting there is no doubt that this patented technology could be applied across other sports with relatively simple adaptations;" said Philip King, Managing Director of Newbury Electronics. We look forward to developing our relationship with Derek and his team and helping him to maximise on the opportunities that this new accessory may provide."

Rowan Engineering Limited is based in Banbury and specialises in precision made custom parts and accessories for air rifles and other target sports.