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May 30th 2018

Questions to Ask When Picking an Electronic Design Company

When it comes to delivering a successful product a lot of it comes down to selecting the right electronic design and manufacturing partner to go with you on the journey.

You want not only the best value but also efficiency and quality so that your end product is of the standard you desired, meets your needs and can, of course, deliver revenue. Being electronic designers ourselves we have experience in what makes a great partnership and thought we’d share our knowledge to help you choose the right firm for you and the questions you should be asking :

Do I even need outside help in the form of a product design firm?

Also known as industrial designers, a product design firm are the people who bring product concepts from just an idea through to fruition. They aren’t just the people who draw out your initial product design, they also carry out necessary research, development, prototyping and some do take it through to manufacture.

Does the firm offer services all in one place?

An important first question to ask yourself when picking your product design firm is what services do they offer? Some, such as Newbury Innovation offer all aspects of industrial design, from the initial illustrations, through to analysis, documentation, and prototyping before taking it into to production.

Having the same company to work with throughout allows them to oversee every aspect of the product generation leading to a seamless and efficient process. Ideally, you want your design team engaged from start through to development overseeing any adjustments; allowing them to be proactive in optimising your designs.

What level of experience do they have to offer?

This isn’t just about how many years they’ve been in operation but also about their experience with varying disciplines. Can the designer you’re researching offer services in design, engineering, prototyping, documenting and branding? Have they dealt with your specific industry or delivered similar projects before?

Does the company have a portfolio of case studies?

Can you see evidence of their previous work and does it go further than the drawings and show you the finished product? This can be a great starting point for seeing that the company you’re looking at can deliver, as well as give you an indication of the industries they’ve worked with over the years and the innovations they’ve designed. Looking at case studies also allows you to determine if you like their existing designs and creations and think they will be the ideal fit for your concept.

Will the firm be able to deliver innovation?

During initial conversations regarding your product concept do they talk about/suggest the recent innovations and technical capabilities you’d expect from a forward thinking company? Also, do they have the resources and skill set in-house to deliver innovative designs and technology?

Would you feel able to easily communicate?

Have a conversation with your potential design partner, are they personable and can you see yourself having productive conversations with them? You need to feel comfortable talking to them as the product development process can take a lot of time and back and forth, so you need to feel you can work well with them and get through any frustrations.

All in all, it comes down to communication - you, your designers and if separate your manufacturers should all be communicating throughout to deliver a successful product to market.

Will you be able to build a relationship?

Relationships work both ways, for example, if you’re looking to engage just designers, they can deliver insight into advancements in design that could influence your manufacturing or vice versa. Strong relationship = efficiency in the product development cycle.

Here at Newbury Innovation, we bring to the table over 60 years of expertise coupled with the tools needed to bring your product to life. Find out about our company and the complete solutions we have to offer by clicking here. Or if you’re ready to discuss a new project drop us a message.