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Mar 7th 2018

Replacement of Anti-static Vinyl Flooring

A key feature of quality electronic assembly is to have effective anti-static precautions. These before and after photos were taken of one of our three SMD assembly production units when we re-laid the anti-static flooring over last weekend. Uncontrolled static can destroy electronic components in an instant. We had to replace our existing floor covering with the minimum of disruption to our production schedules, so we chose to do this over last weekend.

We emptied the factory unit of all machinery last Friday afternoon. The before picture was taken on Saturday just after the floor was pre-finished to lay the new anti-static vinyl. The flooring contractor worked a continuous 24-hour stint to finish the work. The after photo shows the factory on Monday with the new anti-static vinyl flooring, the machinery returned to station, and back in production.


Floor on Saturday before new anti-static vinyl laid


Floor on Monday ready for production with new antistatic vinyl floor