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Jan 11th 2021

Second Schmoll MDI Printing Machine Arrives

We installed a Schmoll MDI (mirror direct imager) last year, and it was so good, we wanted a second one so that we could completely upgrade all of our photo-mechanical processing to 100% digital imaging.

We have used laser imagers for the last 8 years to print outer copper layers, but our old machine was not powerful enough to image solder resists as well. The Schmoll MDI is truly a second generation machine. It has more than sufficient energy output to rapidly print all coloured solder resists with ease as well as plating resists. The addition of the second machine will give us the redundancy to enable us to decommission our legacy analogue printing machines with complete confidence that we will not be losing any sleep should a single MDI go down. Two machines provide mutual back-up and vast printing capacity for peak production loadings.

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The photos above show our existing MDI, and the second one still wrapped up in our stores.  There is a problem though.   It is ready for installation, but we need clearance for engineers to come over from Germany to do the job.  We anxiously await the unravelling of travel rules betwixt UK and Germany in respect of the Covid epidemic to allow us to finish the job.