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Jan 20th 2012

Unmanned Aerial System from GRC

We are always interested to see what products our customers are producing using PCB boards and one such company is Global RadioData Communications (GRC) who specialise in “Command, Control, Communications, Computing and Intelligence Systems”. One of their products is the Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) which is a small and quite aerial vehicle that is easy to operate and capable of capturing and transmitting high quality images and video. In essence a flying camera, the UAS has flight planning software which allows the operator to just focus on surveying using the camera.

The PCB used inside the UAS allows it to follow pre-planned flight routes which can be beyond the line of sight and can produce real time streaming of what can be seen back to any place. The vehicle has many real world applications such as for tactical surveillance, search and rescue, covert reconnaissance, aerial views of large crowds and environmental monitoring. It wouldn't be any good for any of these tasks though if the outside didn’t match the quality of the insides but the UAS is weather proof and can operate in many different weather situations including hot, cold and wet weather so is more than up to the task.

The benefits of this product are clear for all to see and will allow the Army to carry out surveillance in dangerous territory, assist mountain rescue teams search for missing people without putting themselves in danger and Geologists study areas of the environment unreachable by humans.

Find out more about the UAS or find out about prototype PCB fabrication.