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Aug 28th 2018

What is the Internet of Things?

The Internet of Things, or IoT refers to systems of connected devices which have the ability to transfer data/communicate over a network without human interaction due to their level of digital intelligence. Any object/device that can be connected to the internet that traditionally would not have had the ability to communicate is an example of an IoT device. These devices can ‘talk’ to each other and alongside automated systems allow not only for the collection of data but also the creation of an action e.g. heating systems that can report their status to a mobile phone and be remotely controlled by an internet connected device.

IoT isn’t just household devices though, internet connected factories and machines are pushing forward the ‘fourth industrial revolution’ where production and businesses can be increasingly connected with less human intervention.


Key Elements of IoT:

  • Devices are connected to and can be controlled via the internet
  • All about the transference of data/production of an action
  • Human interaction not required in the transference of data
  • Includes: devices, objects, machines, animals and people


What does it mean for Electronic Design?

For electronic design the prevalence of IoT across industries such as manufacturing, agriculture, logistics increases the need to develop products with increased capabilities and features, and also processes that are optimised and cost effective. IoT allows processes and tasks to become more efficient, saving time and money.

Innovation and connectability should now be at the heart of the electronic design and product development process, it starts from appliances in homes and scales up to smart cities.

And the future of IoT?

The IoT is expected to get bigger and bigger; every year we see the acceptance of more and more IoT devices not only in commercial settings but also in households, devices such as home security cameras, speakers, lamps. Everything is expected to get smarter, and any devices that can be connected to the internet likely will, there are endless opportunities.

Are there any concerns that come with IoT?

As more and more devices are connected up the main concern with the IoT is security and privacy with the potential for cyber attackers take advantage of the penetrability of devices gaining access to infrastructure, potentially homes and of course personal data as well as surveillance style data collection providing.

Where does Newbury Electronics come into this?

Here at Newbury Electronics, we have our own sister company Newbury Innovation which delivers electronic design services. If you’re looking for product designers who can take you into the IoT revolution get in touch with the team today.