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PCB Fabrication

What is the PCB Fabrication service?

Our PCB fabrication service involves the manufacture of bare PCBs to your exact design needs and specifications. We’re uniquely connected to our sister company, PCB Train. Together, we fabricate more different types of printed circuit boards per year than any other UK manufacturer. Our unique relationship with PCB Train allows us huge flexibility over order scales. We can make large numbers of small-batch PCBs extremely efficiently and at very low cost. These savings are passed on to you, so you can enjoy receiving quality circuit boards at an very reasonable price.


We have over 50 years experience as a company in the PCB Fabrication field. We use this hard earned expertise to give our customers the best products possible. However, we’re also efficient and flexible in terms of delivery lead times. These lead times can range from a mere 24 hours up to 6 weeks according to your needs.

For large production runs we distribute PCBs manufactured by our international manufacturing partners. However, our pre-production PCBs are frequently manufactured in the UK, pending the arrival of production supplies from our partners. Our entire manufacturing process is overseen and managed so that only one tooling charge is applied. Each product is quality checked in the UK and deliveries are consistently completed on schedule. See our guide to how PCBs are made at Newbury Electronics to find out more.

For our PCB fabrication service we have a large number of available base materials. Those available include; FR4, Polyimide and PTFE. Layer counts encompass single sided, all the way up to 12 layers. We offer a wide range of solder resist and legend colours. Finishes available are immersion silver, immersion gold over electroless nickel, Hot Air Solder Level, both lead-free and leaded.



Who uses our PCB Manufacturing service?

Our PCB fabrication and manufacturing customers could be anyone who requires a reliable supplier of PCBs. We attract those who appreciate experienced electronic manufacturing and a high quality end product. Our customers may be end users, development engineers, researchers, or contract manufacturers. Our clients also value local sourcing, confidentiality and good communications. We are happy to provide this. No quantity is too small and no delivery is ever too fast for us.

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What are the benefits to users of this service?

We offer you competitive pricing, reliable deliveries, good quality and excellent technical support. We have a wealth of experience, having manufactured printed circuit boards for over 60 years. We are the only UK PCB manufacturer to provide a complete electronic manufacturing service. This includes bare PCB manufacture, electronic assembly, component procurement, and solder paste screen cutting. Our integrated approach, along with the fact that 95% of our manufacturing takes place in-house, means that we take complete responsibility for the quality of your PCB fabrication and electronic assembly.

What technology and machinery are used?

All our technology and machinery is state-of-the-art. Front-end tooling is performed with the latest CADCAM software tools, with complete design rule checking. We use modern manufacturing technology, such as laser direct imaging, whereby the intermediate photographic process is eliminated. Each FR4 panel is laser scanned to image the tracking pattern. PCBs are drilled on automatic load and unload drilling machines. Plating and etching are processed on automatic lines to minimise manual handling. Legends are printed with digital ink-jet machines. Electrical tests are performed by automated machines.

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What quality control measures are in place for this service?

Newbury Electronics are quality approved to UL and ISO 9001. Bare PCB production is electrically tested and automatically optically inspected. We use a variety of quality control methods including statistical process control, micro-sections, X-ray, chemical analysis, time domain reflectometry, and digital microscopy.

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What does the visitor need to do/provide to use this service?

For standard construction PCBs, we just need a brief description of the nature of your PCB together with Gerber and CNC drill file data. For more complex requirements, we require detailed material specifications, and layer build-up drawings showing the exact construction of your multi-layer PCB.

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