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Flexible Circuits

What is the flexible circuit service?

We manufacture and supply flexi-rigid PCBs and flexible circuit boards. We construct flexible circuits by sequential build up of flexible component layers, such as base polyimide, copper, cover-lay, and stiffeners bonded by an adhesive layer (epoxy or acrylic).

Our capability includes single sided, double sided (with or without PTH), multi-layer and flexi-rigid PCBs.

The materials selected must be appropriate for either static (e.g. once only bend into a camera) or dynamic applications (e.g. hard disk drive).

Stiffeners are normally applied in the region of the flexible circuit where components are mounted.

They are more expensive to manufacture than rigid PCBs due to their complexity and the material required. Flexible circuit base materials are more dimensionally unstable than FR4 rigid laminate, and have to be processed on smaller step & repeated blanks.

We use mechanical tooling according to the volume and accuracy required. Tooling may be either CNC soft tooling (low cost but high unit costs), steel rule (volumes up to a few thousand pieces, medium cost, low dimensional stability), or hard steel punch & die sets (durable, accurate, & high cost).


Who uses the service?

Frequent customers are those clients who seek a reliable supplier of flexible circuits or PCBs. Clients may be development engineers, researchers, or contract manufacturers. Our usual customers value local support, confidentiality, and good communications. We manufacture any quantity from prototype sample boards upwards.

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What are the benefits to users of this service?

We will share our 60 years experience of making PCBs. Our aim is to supply high quality flexible circuits with reliable deliveries, competitive pricing, and excellent technical support. Flexible PCBs can be awkward to assemble, but our expertise makes any order a possibility. Our extensive in-house contract electronic assembly experience allows us to design production pallets for flexible PCBs to optimise assembly efficiency.

What technology and machinery is used?

A wide variety of specialist process equipment is required to manufacture flexible PCBs. These include laser direct imaging, ink-jet printing, flying probe testing, direct metallisation lines, vacuum lamination presses, small hole drilling machines, and integrated strip-etch-strip lines.

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What quality control measures are in place for this service?

icon2 We are quality approved to ISO9001.

What do you need to do/provide to use this service?

icon1 Send your flexi-circuit PCB specifications to us or e-mail for a quotation.

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