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Dec 5th 2011

A History of Newbury Electronics

For this month’s blog post we thought we’d take a look at the history of Newbury Electronics so you can see how long we have been trading and specialising in PCB assembly and electronic design.

The history of Newbury Electronics dates back to the establishment of the company in 1956. It was developed as an offshoot from Newbury Engineering Limited which was formed by Major Ernest Lloyd and to house the new company a factory was purchased in West Mills in Newbury. Newbury Electronics began specialising in the manufacture of circuit boards and the company went through a number of acquisitions in the early 70s before 1972 when they were acquired by AB Electronic Components.  From this acquisition, Kevin Forder joined from AB to be the Managing Director and is still the current Managing/Technical Director and Chairman. To keep up with the fast moving pace of the industry, a new factory was custom built in 1980 at the London Road Industrial Estate which is still the location of the Newbury head office. After Philip King joined the company in 1987 as an accountant, who is now the current Financial and Marketing Director, he partnered with Kevin Forder and bought the company from AB Electronics plc.

Throughout the years a number of new technologies, products and services emerged such as in 1978 when PTH circuit boards were manufactured for the very first time at Newbury. Other major dates in the history of Newbury are the start of manufacturing of multilayer circuits in 1989 and the start of PCB assembly in 1995. Due to the success of PCB assembly, Newbury started its own internet based company called PCB Train in 1999 to focus on printed circuit boards. This growth of the Newbury Electronics family led to the relocating of assembly operations to the River Park Industrial Estate.  Another recent new improvement to the services offered was the introduction of laser cut solder paste stencil manufacturing which began two years ago.

As you can see Newbury has a long history in the industry so you know with our products and services you are getting years of knowledge and experience.