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Nov 29th 2016

Ionopitka optimises its beams with assistance from Newbury Electronics

Newbury Electronics has now supplied thousands of assembled circuit boards made up from over 500 different PCB designs to Ionoptika, a leader in the development of high performance and novel ion beam systems and accessories. The final, highly specialised and complex pieces of kit are used by manufacturers and research groups for analytical and process instrumentation.

Clive Everest, head of electronics design, at Ionoptika, explains more; "We have been working with Newbury Electronics since 2002 and throughout that time the company's ability to supply low volume PCBs at a realistic price has been key. Newbury Electronics' location less than an hour away has enabled us to build a strong relationship that is based on good communication between both companies and an understanding of the role and requirements of both supplier and manufacturer." During this time Newbury Electronics has made significant investment in its own production processes which has enabled it to keep abreast of the ever more complex PCB requirements of its customers.

"Producing low volume but high quality, technically complex boards is at the heart of Newbury Electronics business and we really value the long term working relationships that we have with Ionoptika," said Philip King, managing director. “Of course, we don’t stop at prototyping and pre-production work, two of our nine SMD assembly lines are completely automated, and are capable of assembling 1000’s of circuits per day. Combined with six automated optical inspection machines (AOI) including new technology “3D” AOI, and high resolution X-ray inspection, we have the means to keep volume production quality levels just as high,” added Philip.

Ionoptika designs and manufactures a range of one off and low volume scientific instruments and it specialises in Mass Spectrometers and Ion and electron beam sources. Each of these specialist pieces of equipment contains a significant amount of custom designed electronics." Newbury Electronics has proved highly reliable for quality and delivery whilst being competitively priced for low volume boards," concludes Everest. "We hope that our business will continue to grow and we see them as being a key supplier for that continued growth and success."