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Apr 8th 2024

MEET THE TEAM – Darius Tipple

Whilst the construction of the extension continues, a good time to think about solid foundation and growth which is just not in terms of structural buildings, machinery etc.
The cornerstone of any successful business is intertwined with its people.
By attracting, developing, and retaining talented and committed employees, a business can build a strong foundation for sustained success.
Cultivating a positive company culture, encouraging innovation, and investing in employee development are key strategies for leveraging the most important asset of any business: its people.

As part of our ongoing Meet the Team ,
Introducing Darius Tipple
Technical Sales Assistant / Trainee CAM Engineer

* Tell us about your role at Newbury Electronics
Hybrid role. “Technical sales” concerns enquiries which are not offered through our standard PCBTrain services – whether that’s exotic materials, custom build specifications, or additional manufacturing steps. Quote generation and external liasion between customers and suppliers. CAM is the process of engineering customer’s manufacturing data ready for manufacture in our facilities. Both of these roles relate to bareboard fabrication only.

* How long have you been with Newbury Electronics?
6.5 years, starting October 2017.

* What do you love most about what you do?
Contributing to the many sectors that our customers supply work for. As demands for finer and complex technologies increase, and creative solutions being required even down to a bare PCB level, there is always something new to learn from and be challenged by. Knowing that the products we make and supply are having a real-world impact into medicine, research, aviation and defence makes every day of work and conversation we have with customers worthwhile.

* Tell us about your career path
Originally started as a quality inspector for bareboard production after completing school. Over the years had a handle in several parts of the fabrication process before moving into sales late 2020 and then engineering in 2023.

* Tell us a surprising or a fun fact about yourself
Our secondary school had strong links with professional sport – we got to meet various people involved in athletics and training. However nothing topped meeting Nicola Adams at a ceremony only a few years after her successful Olympic campaigns!