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May 30th 2018

Seeing Office Work in the Best Light, LED Light

There’s a terrific amount of interest in providing offices and factories with lighting that’s both conducive to high levels of productivity, and healthy for the humans who have to work in said offices; and this involves using specially designed electronics to implement what’s called ‘Human Centric Lighting’ or lighting that’s ‘Circadian’ in nature.

The Circadian system

A theory that humans respond to the temperature of white light (warm is low temperature 2000-3000K – reddish, and cool is up to 6000K - bluish). When we are forced, via modern lighting, into lit environments that contradict the astronomical clock, i.e. the kind of light outside at the time of day and year in question, it apparently disturbs our harmony. An example of this might be is harsh and cool neon lighting in an office in the middle of winter at the end of the day when the Circadian cycle dictates that we should be seeing a warm white light.

LEDs allow this problem to be solved because warm white light LEDs are available, and cool white ones for that matter, and there are numerous companies with products designed to satisfy this need. Notable among these companies is Innerscene, an American company with offices in the UK, with whom Newbury Innovation has done business. Take a look at Innerscene’s Atmos product.

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